Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Heartburn Hell

Yes, that is what I've been dealing with the past 24 hours.  I'm at home today because I got NO sleep last night thanks to the early Christmas gift of heartburn. 

I can't really complain too much since I have only had to deal with intermittent heartburn starting about a month ago.  It usually goes away after 24-36 hours.  I take some Tu.ms, as recommended by the pharmacist, and it usually improves.  Well, I don't know what happened yesterday but WTH?  Baby must have been pushing up on my stomach with his feet all night.

I didn't eat too much for supper or too late, went to be early, had the light off before 11 feeling nothing wrong.  Then at about 2:30 I woke up and felt it.  Oh my!  And then I just couldn't fall asleep again.  When my alarm went off at 6 I decided this was too horrible to deal with ... not the heartburn but the lack of sleep.  And because of medications and such that I need to take either on an empty stomach or nowhere around calcium I couldn't take any Tu.ms.  Lovely.  I feel better now but it still hasn't gone away.  I'm wondering if this doesn't have more to do with baby's position.  I don't feel his feet over on the side of my belly today so I'm thinking he's got them lodged under my stomach.  And what is with feeling heartburn and hungry at the same time???

Anyway, I expect I'll get a break sometime in the next 24 hours.  Hopefully.  I will have another post about my shower at work yesterday sometime soon.  I have one tiny bag of stuff to move home and photos to take of it so I can share here.  ;-)


  1. Hope it goes away for you! I'm sure if it's only just starting to be bad now you'll get through this :) I took two extra strength xantac plus occasional tums almost the whole 9 months... soon as he was born it was gone! So at the most you have another month or two? And for me, water made it worse... weird I know! And bacon & meat made it better lol

  2. I now have a bowl of Tums ready to take upstairs so that I can take them in the middle of the night. If I hadn't forgotten to take my synthroid on time last night I would have been able to take some Tums at 2:30 and I'm sure I would have seen some relief.

    Things have gone better today but I can feel it is still there. Looking at the clock I think I should take another one so I can fit it in before the thyroid meds. Ugh! This med schedule thing is annoying. If only bacon made it better ... I could do that. lol

  3. Ugh! Heartburn is awful! I used Gaviscon, I found it worked faster & for longer than Tums plus you can take more in a 24 he period than Tums. Warning though, since they sort of fizz up they would make me gag. Hope you feel better

  4. Have you ever tried papaya enzymes? They are yummy little tablets in the health food store. I didn't pay attention until several people recommended them, including my midwife. they worked better for me than Tums and are very safe.

    feel better!