Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just dropping in

I've been super swamped after my week away.  It was great to be gone for a week and start that week off with 2 days where I could sleep in.  Awesome!  But the subject matter of my job does exhaust me and I'm feeling the fatigue creeping up on me now that I'm into my 28th week.  I flew back on Saturday which made a huge difference.  Much nicer than arriving home at 3 am.  :-)

I've been very busy this week too.  I've been busy at home tidying and organizing the main floor ahead of what was supposed to be my Pam.pered Ch.ef party this Friday.  Everyone seems super busy this month so with only 2 rsvps it looks like I'm going to have to reschedule.  So, I've stopped my baking projects and didn't stop to buy wine today.  Imagine the looks I'd get at the LC.BO with my cart full of wine bottles!  No really, they're not for me.  I'm drinking plain old lemonade.  Anyway, I got a bit bummed by this and the fact that the only person who has purchased anything from my registry is my parents.  Um, okay.  I know something will happen at work but being a long term planner it is driving me nuts not knowing what I need to add to my list of things to buy this close to baby's arrival.  I think I've got all the absolute essentials for the first month or so but I don't like the thought of having to do a bunch of shopping the first month my little guy is here. Not to mention I'm rethinking the whole stroller thing ... *hanging my head in shame* ... I might actually buy a bigger stroller for everyday use.  I can't envision myself using the little one to go for walks or shopping trips.  I got a tip on a better store with more selection and less expensive pricing so I'm going to check it out and see what options are available.  I really didn't want the infant car seat thing since I have a good 3-in-1 car seat but if it comes with the stroller at a good price I might just end up with one.  It might be helpful for things like grocery shopping when he is little.  We'll see what I can find.

And in totally non-baby related news I scored a great deal on Den.by dishes today.  I checked the Ameri.can site to register my new email address in the event my pattern is discontinued and discovered that the American factory ships to Canada now (instead of from the UK with its less favourable exchange rate) and that shipping to Canada is currently free!  I scored some awesome seconds for $5-7 each.  Mugs usually cost between $35 and 40 so getting real Den.by mugs that might have a small colour flaw for only $5 each is making me super happy.  And I found a casserole dish that is being discontinued so I got it for 50% off.  And the free shipping?  I managed to save $130 on that.  That makes me so happy ... I love it when I get a good deal on housewares. 

I'm so boring.  lol

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Low Iron

So, I got some of my blood work back today.  The stuff my nurse practitioner ordered.  My TSH is still within normal at 1.84.  But I don't like that it is still trending up.  I do best with a TSH below 1 but I know no one wants to fool around with my TSH through meds too much during pregnancy.  The nurse I spoke to today said that normal is up to 5.  Um no.  The new international standards go from 0.35 to 3.5 (or 3?).  A 5 is too high.  Why are Canadian medical professionals so behind the times?  So, I stay on my current dosage for now. 

Unfortunately, my iron level is too low.  So back on the supplements I go.  I brought them along with me on my trip so I started today along with an orange to help absorption.  Unfortunately, most of the things the nurse mentioned for dietary iron are out of bounds.  Dried fruit?  Sulphites are used for preservation.  A no-no for me.  You really don't want to see me after I've had a reaction to sulphites.  Not pretty.  Leafy greens?  Totally a no-go zone during pregnancy for me.  (I can't believe I didn't vomit up the cabbage I ate last night ... nasty ... and I know it isn't a leafy green.  That was an example of what veggies are doing to me.)  The only one that is okay is legumes but my body doesn't like vegetarian options much.  If I eat vegetarian choices I have to eat them at supper time otherwise my insulin gets thrown off.  I'm pretty much a master at organizing my menu and meal and snack choices but this is getting ridiculous. 

Oh, and I still haven't gained more than 5 pounds.  The only one who was concerned was the student midwife I saw last time.  I'm perfectly happy not to gain 20 pounds or more.  As long as baby is growing fine, and he is, I'm quite happy not to have a ton of weight to lose after.  With PCOS and a thyroid problem there is no way extra weight would be coming off after pregnancy.  None.

My niece came over this afternoon for a little visit.  My sister was happy to get out of the house since my nephew was fussy today.  Likely another tooth.  My niece took one long look at my belly and said 'the baby is growing fast'.  I wasn't sure if she meant my baby or her brother since he's growing fast too.  She meant me and my belly.  lol  If she can see he's growing fine I don't know why the student midwife is all out of sorts.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Long Weekend

Just dropping in to let my readers know that this was the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada.  I left on another business trip Saturday night allowing me to sleep in 2 days in a row without having to do much of anything.  Okay, I had to pop 4 pumpkin pies in the oven over at my sister's place but that was about it.  And if the AC flight attendants strike Thursday or Friday there might not be enough time for the feds to pass back to work legislation before my Saturday flights.  So at this point I'm not quite sure if I'll be getting home this weekend or not.  We'll just sit on it and wait.

I met a due date buddy from FF on Saturday morning.  We signed up to do a 'virtual' baby shower but it turns out we're in the same city so we were able to meet up in person.  I don't have my personal computer so I can't share the photo of M and me or the lovely things she put into my gift bag.  Future post.  ;-)

A couple weeks ago I noticed that my bra was really uncomfortable.  The rubbing me red under my breasts type of uncomfortable.  Nothing I did to the bands or the straps has helped.  The little boy seems to be keeping his feet really high contributing to inner organ squishing.  This is definitley not helped by asthma issues which flare up when I go back west.  Nothing wrong with my parents house (even though my mom constantly thinks her house is always filthy, dirty and somehow stinks like cat litter ... um, I have a super allergy sniffer extra ehnhanced by pregnancy and I don't smell any such thing ... and the house is NOT dirty at all - *insert eye roll*).  Nope, this is just run of the mill exposure to allergens from the first 27 years of my life.  And since I have a short torso this is contributing to shortness of breath this week.  I'm used to getting this when my asthma flares up and I can deal with it through using some meds but this is more difficult because it won't just 'go away'.  I've got to figure out how to deal with this for 3 months.  It just freaks me out because it feels very much like a bad asthma problem even though it isn't. 

And for the first time today I had difficulty bending over to dry off after a shower.  I was able to dry off my left leg just fine but the right one?  Nope.  The boy likes hanging out on the right side and takes up too much room for me to bend over correctly.  I'm going to have to figure out a way to do that or, as my mom said tonight, let my legs air dry.  I predict my legs are going to get to gorilla stage levels of hairiness any time now if this keeps up.  Or, at least the right one will be gorilla-like and the left will be fine.  Now THAT would be one attractive pregnant lady right there ...

Monday, October 3, 2011

3D Ultrasound

I tried to post ahead of today's 3D u/s but my work computer didn't get along with blogger.  Something about an outdated version of IE.  *sigh* Why can't the IT folks at work get with the program and allow us to use the newest version or figure out that other browsers out there are better?

Anyway, I got my 3D scan done today.  I haven't planned on pregnancy photos so I felt this was an extra I could definitely afford.  He was as stubborn as ever sticking his hands in front of his face regularly.  The tech had to try to get his attention a lot in an attempt to get him to move his hands.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.  And my mom got to watch live from across the country.  That was pretty cool!

Here is the little guy, as best we could get him:

3D scan of the little guy at 26w2d

My mom says he looks like I did when I was little.  That is a bit of a relief.  I did spend some time worrying about what he will look like, not because I think he's going to look like an extra-terrestrial, but because I worry about him wondering who he looks like and having no one to compare his features to until he is 18.  If he looks like me and our side of the family it will be a lot easier for him to identify with us and spend slightly less time wondering where he gets his nose from.  lol

He's now sitting head mostly down hanging out on the right side of my uterus.  His feet are up by my bellybutton.  This would explain the high kicking I felt this weekend and his activity when I am on my right side.  I'm not sure if he is complaining when I roll over to the right or if he's happy.  No idea but he definitely gets more active.

Not much else to report.  Work is still busy.  Thank god for one of our analysts who is tackling my files for next week.  I still didn't have any of them in hand when I got in this morning.  A week before my hearings!!!  One of our admin assistants has a serious time management problem but thinks she can do all this by herself and refuses to allow anyone else to help.  That's changing now that we're getting more admin help.  We need our stuff in order to prep.  I can't read through a file in 5 minutes and then be ready for a hearing.  Sheesh!  Anyway, the analyst is taking a swing through the next 4 files which will help to relieve my stress immensely.  I have a midwife appointment tomorrow, an appointment with the security system installer Wednesday morning, I have to vote Thursday, deal with life insurance Thursday night, and then hop on a plane late Saturday for another week away.

But I do get so spend Thanksgiving back home and will get some quality time with the niece and nephew.  Yay!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pure Exhaustion

(warning - nephew's photo at the end of the post)

Sorry, nothing fun today.  My connecting flight in Toronto was late last night.  Way later than normal.  The way AC organizes their schedule makes everyone scratch their heads.  But when the only option to get back home on Fridays is to take the 00:15 flight (okay, technically Saturday) you take it.  Then the 00:15 flight is delayed until 1:10 am.  When many models of the same plane are sitting at the gates totally unused.  *sigh*  I ended up walking into the house shortly before 3 am last night.

The power went out at some point this morning.  A friend said it was about 7:30 am.  I didn't care.  When I went to the bathroom I just knew it was early and I was getting back into bed afterwards.  When I checked my watch again I thought, okay 10:30 time to get up.  Except ... I hadn't changed the time on my watch last night.  It was still on SK time which is currently 2 hours behind.  So my 10:30 was actually 12:30.  I never do that!  But apparently my body and the baby think I needed to be in bed that late.  I've been lazy all day and I just don't see myself going anywhere, not even for groceries tonight.  I've got enough stashed in the freezer that I can find something tasty and healthy to eat for supper.  Tomorrow is another story.  I've got to figure out lunches for the week.  And I'm going to visit a friend and her little guy who will be a year old when my baby arrives.

The trip was good but it felt long.  My hearings have been going long lately, mostly because I've had newer adjudicators who even a year of doing this work seem to take forever to cover what the more experienced ones do.  Plus I had two 3-hour driving trips tacked on to longer days.  The OT is nice but I'm flat out tired.  I would love to schedule my next trips for return on Saturdays but I don't think I'm going to get lucky.  I think kitty will have to spend time with the vets for my next 1-week long trips.  She's going to be switched to prednisone soon and she absolutely cannot go without those meds.  She did okay this week with my friend but at the end of the week she wasn't eating much.  I expect that was because she wasn't feeling well.  I found a couple of large po.ops upstairs in one of the bedrooms (lovely, kitty, just lovely) so she's definitely having some constipation problems.  But since she actually passed solids more than once this week she's doing okay. But I'm worried about her so I need to check with the vet office.  They're only open until 12 on Saturdays so I'd need to take that late flight back on a Friday night to get back in time to pick her up the next morning.  I don't like leaving her there but if she gets the meds she needs she's happier in the end.  And the vet staff love her and love having her there since they don't usually have pets stay with them.  Not the worst place she can stay.  I am looking forward to stopping travel so I can give kitty her meds regularly.

Other than all of that the trip was good.  I did a little shopping.  I picked out the fleece and flannel for the blanket my mom is making for the little guy.  I also picked up a pattern for curtains which my mom now said she'll sew when she's out here.  Um, okay.  I picked up a few things for things I have to fix sewing wise and some stuff for Christmas crafts I make.  And I when I go shopping with my mom we use her membership card so I get a discount.  ;-)  Otherwise I'd buy stuff here.  I picked up a couple more baby clothing items on sale but in bigger sizes since my house is overflowing with clothes for baby.

And I got to spend time with my niece and nephew.  My niece gets a bit wingy in the afternoons after school but she wasn't too bad this week.  And my nephew is getting more interactive every day.  He has been teething for almost 2 months and it appears one of his teeth has come through.  But he's still a bit fussy lately because of it.  Overall, though, he did quite well.  And he had his first foot bath and pedicure because of his chunky toes not getting along too well with his toenails.  

3.5 months
My niece declared that he looked like a country bumpkin that day thanks to his Jo.hn De.ere onesie, the green overalls and matching hat.  And the next day I saw him? She declared he was a gnome thanks to his green jacket with pointed hood.  She's nothing if not imaginative.