Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's official ...

... I'm a horrible blogger.  lol

Okay, okay I've been busy with little H but also with life.  We went home for a 3 week visit at the end of April and it was great.  Then as soon as we got back I hit the ground running with yardwork and landscaping.  I had no idea this would be the driest year on record for our area (oh so smart to reseed the lawn this year!) so I'm not sure how things are going to turn out.  But at least I tried.  My yard was a mess thanks to the water ban we had in place in our area last year (broken water main supplying 90% of our water had to be replaced ... took months).  You can imagine the crappy state of my yard.  *sigh* 

Anyway, H is doing great.  He turned 6 months today!  (and also 26 weeks)  He's grown well over the past couple of months and decided last week to start crawling.  Oh my!  Until I get a chance to post again here is a new picture of the little guy.

I turned 6 months old today!


  1. Oh good gosh he's getting big!!! Yeah for crawling!!! There's no stopping him now!!

  2. wow, crawling before 6 months! that's a busy guy!

  3. And the funny thing is he only likes to crawl when he's on my bed. He immediately pops over to his belly and starts motoring. When I put him on the floor he's too interested in his toys or the carpet, which he just picks at, to crawl. Funny kid!