Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Level 2 U/S Results

Back to our regularly scheduled programming ...

I think I was a bit worried about the u/s today because I totally missed the ear.thquake.  Either that or the area I was in just wasn't affected even though it was noticeable in the city.  I left Virg.inia on Sunday and am happy to report that my friends are fine.  But you didn't come here to read that, did you?

This u/s was far more in depth and I had the same tech I did 2 u/s ago.  He was great about explaining everything and exactly what was on screen which was really nice.  He clearly pointed out a 4-chamber heart so I knew that part of the scan was fine.  When he was done his bit I got to go to the bathroom (and wipe masses of extra gel off the belly - this guy is crazy with the gel!) and then the radiologist came in to peek at the heart.

The echogenic focus is still there but the good news is that seems to be the only issue.  The IPS screening came back negative and all the measurements are normal and all match timeline wise.  There is nothing to indicate limbs that are behind schedule, which can be a marker for Down's.  The radiologist says that the heart is normal, which I had expected, and that this doesn't need further monitoring as it will resolve on its own.  Okay then ... I was hoping to get one more u/s to check on its resolution but if this means there is no problem then I'm okay with that. 

The baby wasn't completely cooperative this time either but thankfully baby was more active.  At one point the tech was moving the probe over my belly and just at that time we got a look from below right when baby decided to spread the legs.  It is most definitely a boy and he showed off the boy bits ... and probably not for the last time.  LOL  The tech went over that a couple times just to make sure he saw what he did especially since baby seems so stubborn.  He said that if he hadn't seen that he would have guessed girl.  So, I'm relieved to know the first tech was right and that there is absolutely no doubt this is a boy.  The issue is settled and I'm good to shop now.  ;-)  The stuff I bought down south is more gender neutral that a lot of other people would pick but it is nice to know I don't have to give any of it away to my nephew. 

For now I'll sit tight until my next OB appointment on the 12th.  If there had been a major problem I'm sure the radiologist would have said something.  Instead he said I don't need further monitoring.  And since I'm not doing any more testing between now and the next appointment I shouldn't have any surprises waiting for me when I see him next.  Yay!


  1. Very glad to hear everything went well...with your mind at ease, now you can really enjoy shopping for your little boy.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad it went well, and they got a good peek :) Boys really are great lol. I went a little over board on the blue when I found out mine was a boy... but not as bad as if it had been a girl. Check Costco, they have some awesome little sleepers out now, so cute, warm and inexpensive. I think they have some little clothing sets too.

  3. @Heather - LOL My mom already went overboard (I think) at Costco. I'm getting a bunch of stuff from my sister but the challenge is finding winter stuff as my nephew is a June baby. My mom has that all scoped out already. She's found a winter sac thing and is planning on making some warm blankets for those first few months.

    The worst part of getting 2nd hand stuff, even if it was barely worn, is that I feel obliged not to buy very much. And that is the best part ... all the cute things you can get. It might be a blessing in disguise that this is a boy because it will be harder to go crazy on boy stuff over the years. ;-)

  4. My sister had two girls, who are much older than my boy lol, so all I got was her stroller which my mom had made her keep because our grandfather had bought it for her. My parents did get quite a bit of stuff as well, but mostly after he was born because he was 2 weeks early and just under 7 lbs instead of the 9 we expected :) sleep sacks are great, and a woombie can be awesome if you plan to swaddle for awhile, get them on sale though... one of the deal a day sites (and if you don't know what those are... well let me know, I'm addicted to all of them!) Make sure you do get either a good stroller or a good baby carrier so you can get out of the house with baby in the winter! check out one of the local stores that sell them, they'll let you try on a carrier and help you figure out which ones works for you. I think they even rent them if you want to try it for a week before you buy one. And I'll quit babbling now :)