Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Midwife appointment Thursday

This wasn't the fun post I thought I'd be making but I got hold of the midwifery practice this morning and I'm meeting my midwife on Thursday afternoon!  Well, the one who is currently filling in for the midwife who will be there for delivery.  I feel a bit odd developing a relationship with a midwife who isn't scheduled to be there for the birth but this is a large, joint practice so it isn't unusual for more than one midwife to be involved in a mom-to-be's care. 

They didn't balk when I told them my health issues during the initial screening phone call many months ago ... I think I called within a week of being released from the RE and I still ended up on a waiting list because my due date falls at the end of the Christmas/New Year's vacation period.  I've got my fingers crossed that my PCOS, which seems to have taken a temporary hiatus during pregnancy (yippee!), holds off and doesn't give me the usual potential complications such as gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia.  I really want to remain under the care of a midwife until baby arrives.  But I guess I should look at the bright side.  If I do need to be under an OB's care at the end the midwife is supposed to follow me through right to post-partum check ups.  She doesn't just pass me off to an OB.  She is supposed to be there for delivery just as much as if she and her partner ('cause apparently they have 2 in the room at the crucial moment) were caring for me alone.  At least that is what the website says.  I'll get more info at my first appointment on Thursday. 

I still don't have a huge appetite but notice that I'm enjoying the carbs more this week which has resulted in a severely distended belly.  I don't think the PCOS agrees with the carbs even in pregnancy.  So, I think I've got to manage that a little better.  I refuse to gain 50 pounds during the last 4 1/2 months of pregnancy because I got lazy.  But before I started this carb fest I could tell that the belly was finally starting to pop albeit not that much.  (Just don't count today which was severely affected by post-carb absorption PCOS gut reaction.)  Here is a shot from Sunday at 22w1d.

Belly at 22w1d

Kitty wanted to be in the picture too ... especially after the vet drama.  lol

Next post?  Can't promise I'll be able to update you on the midwife appointment Thursday because I have a meeting that evening.  I do hope to update everyone about it as soon as I can plus add a post about the fun stuff that I've received or purchased ... and the niece and nephew.  ;-)


  1. Your belly is so cute! And I love the stealth kitty in the background.

    I've got my fingers crossed that the rest of your pregnancy is uncomplicated and you get an easy delivery with your midwife, not an OB!

  2. Great belly shot! You're looking good. Hope everything goes well with your midwife appt.

  3. Stealth kitty - I like that. ROFL! They can be very sneaky. Thanks for dropping in Shannon. I know you're super busy with Finn.

    Thanks Tiara! As long as I get to my appointment on time I think it will be fine. I'll be going against traffic both directions so unless there is an accident on the highway I should be fine. Although I set aside the OB's business card 'cause they want his contact info and now I've got to dig to make sure I put it in my purse. *rolling my eyes at myself* Worst come to worst I'll just google the info on him and my NP tomorrow at work.

  4. Adorable belly!

    I have PCOS and I delivered with a midwife without a problem (except that I was begging for a C-section after what felt like a long time pushing, and she refused -- no mercy!).

    Fingers crossed that you will have similar luck! Are you on Metformin? I stayed on it for most of my pregnancy... not exactly with consent from any of my providers, but no one ever told me outright that I couldn't stay on it. Preliminary studies have shown it can prevent babies from getting too big (I think this was with moms who had GD, but I can't remember).

    Anyway, good luck, and congrats!

  5. Hi Abby, yes I'm on metformin. I was on it for years before the BFP which I hold partly responsible for my good luck. I think my hormones were far more even coming off the pill than they would have been without it. None of my practitioners have told me to go off it and I would have lectured them on it if they did. The OB did ask how I could tolerate 2000 mg a day. Well, I'm one of the lucky ones who tolerates it really well. I'm hoping it cuts my risk of complications usually associated with PCOS such as pre-eclampsia and GD.

    In the end I don't care how this little guy arrives but I know my sister had difficulty and ended up with 2 c-sections because she was physically too small to deliver an average sized baby. My mom, on the other hand, had absolutely no difficulty. I'm crossing my fingers that I take after my mom.