Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Low Iron

So, I got some of my blood work back today.  The stuff my nurse practitioner ordered.  My TSH is still within normal at 1.84.  But I don't like that it is still trending up.  I do best with a TSH below 1 but I know no one wants to fool around with my TSH through meds too much during pregnancy.  The nurse I spoke to today said that normal is up to 5.  Um no.  The new international standards go from 0.35 to 3.5 (or 3?).  A 5 is too high.  Why are Canadian medical professionals so behind the times?  So, I stay on my current dosage for now. 

Unfortunately, my iron level is too low.  So back on the supplements I go.  I brought them along with me on my trip so I started today along with an orange to help absorption.  Unfortunately, most of the things the nurse mentioned for dietary iron are out of bounds.  Dried fruit?  Sulphites are used for preservation.  A no-no for me.  You really don't want to see me after I've had a reaction to sulphites.  Not pretty.  Leafy greens?  Totally a no-go zone during pregnancy for me.  (I can't believe I didn't vomit up the cabbage I ate last night ... nasty ... and I know it isn't a leafy green.  That was an example of what veggies are doing to me.)  The only one that is okay is legumes but my body doesn't like vegetarian options much.  If I eat vegetarian choices I have to eat them at supper time otherwise my insulin gets thrown off.  I'm pretty much a master at organizing my menu and meal and snack choices but this is getting ridiculous. 

Oh, and I still haven't gained more than 5 pounds.  The only one who was concerned was the student midwife I saw last time.  I'm perfectly happy not to gain 20 pounds or more.  As long as baby is growing fine, and he is, I'm quite happy not to have a ton of weight to lose after.  With PCOS and a thyroid problem there is no way extra weight would be coming off after pregnancy.  None.

My niece came over this afternoon for a little visit.  My sister was happy to get out of the house since my nephew was fussy today.  Likely another tooth.  My niece took one long look at my belly and said 'the baby is growing fast'.  I wasn't sure if she meant my baby or her brother since he's growing fast too.  She meant me and my belly.  lol  If she can see he's growing fine I don't know why the student midwife is all out of sorts.

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