Sunday, February 12, 2012

33 days

Last night, for the first time ever Henry did not cry during his bath.  Thank you!  He hates it every time he is in the little tub.  I was scared of bathing him alone because I was worried about his head falling in the water.  But now that he is a little older it is going better.  He even watched what was going on in the mirror during his bath.

I'm slowly getting into a routine which is super important for us because we have zero, and I mean zero, help.  I have no family close to me and all my friends work so it isn't like I can just call for help or show up at my parents' place on a bad day ... like my sister can and frequently does.  *sigh*  Henry is helping with the routine too. Now that he is older and is gaining weight, his body is working better.  He fluctuates between a 3 and 4 hour cycle depending on the time of day and longer at night.  I was so happy that I was able to get 2 (yes, count them - 2!) loads of laundry done yesterday.  One I didn't have much choice in because he needed his clothes washed - one diaper blow out too many.

Some things I have noticed (and can relay now that I have 5 minutes and the cat isn't wanting my attention):
  • I have no idea what colour Henry's eyes are.  His eyes were a deep steel blue when he was born but they look dark grey now.  I still think they're going to turn brown but my mom is convinced he'll end up with hazel eyes.  Mine are brown and the donor's are hazel.  So, who knows?
  • His eye shape is most definitely not from our family.  We have smallish eyes that are more on the deep set side.  Henry has really round eyes that get super huge when he wants to focus on something.  Or scare mommy in the middle of the night by opening them when she checks to see if he is sleeping after trying to get him to sleep.  Scary because it reminds me of a creepy horror movie doll whose eyes pop open in the dark ... just to scare you.  I almost jumped when he did this over a week ago when my mom was out of town overnight.  Horror movie ... honestly!
  • Henry is seriously long.  He was 21.5 inches when he was born and I noticed immediately that his legs were super long.  Then his fingers, then his feet.  My aunt pointed out that he also has a long torso.  Without ever seeing the donor I can't tell anything about his build other than what he put in his profile.  He said he was 6 feet tall and his sister is 5'11" so this little guy could be plenty tall when older.  He is still super skinny, though.  We're going to have to move up in diapers soon simply because the others are getting too short.
  • He came out with the most manicured thumbnails I've ever seen on a baby.  On the end of super long thumbs.  
  • This little guy is a super snuggler.  He loves to snuggle and it is sometimes the only way he'll fall asleep.  On my chest.  I try not to do it too much but once in a while he won't fall asleep any other way.  
  • He's very good at making a pouty sour face when he's mad.  
  • Right from day 1 Henry was very interactive, lifting his head to check out our faces when we talked.  He still does this. I call him nosy just like my niece who would refuse to nap if she heard the slightest sound when we tried to get her to sleep.  He notices everything!
  • He loves his FP vibrating chair along with the animals on it.  Thank goodness because this is the only way I seem to get a shower in.  If he doesn't sleep during the day (which is typical) he goes in the seat in the bathroom and I turn the vibration thing on.  He is usually content in the chair the entire time I'm showering and sometimes falls asleep in it.  Like today.  Yay!
  • This kid would sleep through the night if I let him.  Probably a serious 9-10 hours. But since he's had some trouble gaining weight I don't get to let him sleep that long.  So the max he gets is about 5 - 5.5 hours at night. But that allows me to feel more human, thankfully.
  • He absolutely hates his car seat but loves car rides.  Good thing!
Anyway, here a couple little photos to keep everyone updated.
Hanging out on the couch - I'm 4 weeks old!

Getting ready to take grandma to the airport so she can go home.
I'm happy to say that I booked our first plane tickets today.  We'll be going home for a visit in late April/early May and will stay for Mother's Day.  My niece will be very excited to meet this little guy.


  1. So good to hear how well things are going...& the photos are great! Henry is just precious!

  2. He's adorable!

    Finn loved the FP vibrating chair while I showered, too! In fact, it was just last month (at 8mos) that he outgrew it - and by outgrew it, I mean that he would wiggle himself right out of it! LOL

    I hope the BFing gets easier.