Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I get to spend Valentine's Day with the new man in my life ... Henry.  ;-)

5 weeks old today!

Today started out really well.  Henry slept from just after 1 am to about 6:30 and followed that up with a good feeding.  He was off to a good 3 hour schedule and gave me time to shower when he fell asleep this morning.  It didn't matter much that he had diaper accidents again today ... he's growing out of newborn diapers and isn't quite wide enough for the next size up hence the accidents. 

And then some time in the afternoon he decided that today would be a cluster feeding day!  He's been on the breast most of the day since I ate lunch.  He falls asleep from time to time then wakes up and munches away.  And if he wakes up unlatched or I take him off in his sleep and he wakes up he just cries.  I'm not quite sure how things are going to go tonight.  Hopefully we can both get some sleep but if not we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. 

I managed to get a rare shot of Henry with his leg fully extended in his sleeper, this one gently used by my nephew and so cute I've been trying to get a good photo of him in it:

I say rare because usually Henry does this:

I like to pretend I have no legs!
He does a good 'mermaid' look and he even has a Flipper version too.  lol  I think it is cute and it has turned out to be very practical.  We're getting extended use out of his smallest sleepers.  If he kept his feet where they should be he'd have already outgrown his first 2 sizes of sleepers already.


  1. Love the photos! Hope your night went well

  2. He so cute!

    Cluster feeding - gotta love it. I hope you got some sleep!