Thursday, March 1, 2012


No lactation consultant appointment today as she had to cancel.  Not necessarily a bad thing since the roads were horrible thanks to blowing snow + salt covered roads = messy dangerous conditions.  But I was curious to see if Henry gained any weight between our midwife appointment Monday and today.  And I wanted to tell the lactation consultant that I HAVE to supplement.  Why?

At our discharge appointment with the midwife on Monday Henry got weighed.  We were able to compare his weight to where he was a week and a half before.  In that time he put on only 3 ounces.  Three measly ounces.  I had cut back on supplementing thinking that he'd work harder for his supper and hopefully build up my supply a little.  I guess not.  I was supplementing only at the last feeding before going to bed and on the odd day I added in another supplement.  This is clearly not enough.  I have no idea how much he is getting from me at a feeding but it is obviously not enough.  My nurse practitioner agreed this is nowhere near enough weight to be gaining.

So, Operation Fatten has begun.  I'm going to offer him supplementation after every feeding and see how much he'll take.  I suspect this little guy has been hungry a lot lately.  :-(  Hopefully, he'll adjust really well and it won't take long for him to get into a regular pattern with the new feeding schedule.  He was a bit wired Tuesday when I added the bottle feedings.  He slept in the morning (yay!) but he was wired at night (not so good).  Hopefully this is just an adjustment thing.

We start our well baby visits with the nurse practitioner and she is happy to have him come in regularly to be weighed.  I'm going to offer him the breast first at every feeding and then a bottle.  And hopefully he'll start putting on some weight. 

In other news, Henry hit 7 weeks on Tuesday so here is an updated photo:
Just hanging out in my future toy basket

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  1. Oh geez is he ever adorable!! Hope he continues to gain!