Sunday, July 10, 2011

14w1d & Decor Shopping

I'm still amazed that I'm pregnant, let alone just into my 14th week.  How did this happen?  Okay, I know how 'this' happened.  I just don't know how I could be this far along and still not feel pregnant.  I feel round ligament pain more frequently now but it feels more like I just pulled a muscle instead of a stretching ligament meant to support my growing uterus.  I'm still shocked that (a) I'm pregnant and (b) I'm in the 2nd trimester already.  This just feels so surreal.

The head cold is slowly getting better.  During the day it isn't too bad.  At night it is a different story.  As bedtime approaches I start to get some type of chest or throat issue and I cough an awful lot.  I don't understand because I know that I don't have any kind of infection in there.  I just want this cold to go away. 

I was feeling good enough to get some shopping done and I'm happier than my bank account is.  ;-)  I hate using credit unless I've got the cash sitting in the bank so I usually find myself finding things I like when shopping but waiting to buy them.  Sometimes I wait so long that the stores stop carrying what I wanted.  Much frustration has ensued because of this.  You would think there is some commercial conspiracy to get us to buy things quickly on credit just to keep the economy and banks going.  But I digress.

Umbra's Dotty in Pistachio
I almost ran into this problem with wallpaper this week.  I have this little powder room off the front entrance and was inspired to do something a little fun or funky with the walls after seeing a show home powder room painted in funky colours.  I thought wallpaper might be a good option since my body doesn't always like paint.  I found this at De.pot last year and thought it would be a perfect fresh green.  The silver details go great with my fixtures which came with the home.  I would never choose a shiny nickel myself but it was way too much money to change them with the builder.  The wallpaper does the trick.  When 'back home' last week we did a little window shopping and they still had the wallpaper.  But what did I discover when I go to HD here this week?  They didn't have it!  About 75% of their in store selections were beige, beige and beige.  (I suspect people in this town have a problem with decor colour.)  I had to run to another store and luckily they had what I was looking for and the number of rolls I need but I could tell from the tag this stuff has been in the store for almost a year and I think they're getting ready to make way for other stuff ... likely more beige. 

Leksvik crib ends
Then I went to Ik.ea.  I cannot tell you how excited I am that we're getting the country's largest store set to open some time next year.  Yippee!  I needed to get some book shelves to set out all my books but I ended up getting only half of what I wanted because the rest wasn't in stock.  Ugh!  But it gives me a chance to think over whether I want the 3rd one to be short or whether it should be just as tall as the others creating a bank of book shelves on that wall.  I did, however, score a crib.  I was intending on looking at options this weekend while 'back home' but I noticed this one was 50% off.  It is the best looking of the bunch even if it isn't my style or colour.  It is real wood and wood + wood looks good even if there are different colours in the room.  I couldn't say no to a crib for $69.99!  The challenge was to fit everything in my car.  It isn't small or large but I can't spend much on my trips to Ik.ea with a vehicle that size.  (Maybe that is a good thing?)  I discovered that my front passenger seat does not recline back like they used to.  Grrr!  I ended up having to take the one bookcase out of its packaging to fit everything in.

I have to say that it is really frustrating shopping by yourself at a place like Ik.ea and getting no help.  Only after I got the 2 bookcases loaded onto the cart did a staff member ask if I needed help.  And on the way out of the store I had one of my little side tables slide off the cart onto the pavement.  It was a lovely grandma much older than my mom who asked if I needed help.  Very nice of her but what about the younger people?  I did have a man ask if I needed help getting the last bookcase into the car.  Thank you for offering to help!  It wouldn't slide all the way in so I told him I'd take it apart to get the shelves out of the packaging. There was more than enough room for the uprights.  He seemed skeptical but I did it and it fit.  I love shopping at Ik.ea but I hate the loading of larger items because it is so difficult to do by myself.  If I have to do that again I think I'll be getting them to deliver it from the store.

c/o Sooner Plant Farm
Prairie Blue Eyes
I then went to Cos.tco for a few things I needed and walked out with some extra ... isn't that always the case?  I couldn't resist picking up a couple HUGE pots of daylilies.  I hadn't intended on planting anything this year but these were huge and not far from needing to be divided, say in a couple years, so for $9.99 a pot I couldn't say no.  I picked up a Ste.lla d' which grows well almost everywhere and a Prai.rie Bl.ue which is a taller plant with ruffled mauve blossoms.  They'll be sitting on my front porch in the shade to acclimatize to the heat while I'm away.  I'll plant them in the backyard when I'm back.


  1. Wow, great price on the crib! And the daylillies are lovely - such a happy summer flower.

  2. I'm still giddy with the great deal I got! All the parts are now upstairs in the proper room waiting to be assembled. I have to wait until after the 27th when the builders come in to fix the last outstanding items.

  3. Hey, I love Ikea too - and I think the crib you bought is the exact one I have my eye on!. Thank you So much for describing the round ligament pain - I think I had it for the first time, the last couple days - I was thinking about calling the OB - but now thankfully its gone - and I know what it was.