Monday, July 4, 2011

Back home

After a week out of town on business, I'm back home ... or should I confuse the matter by saying I was 'back home' on business and now I'm back in my house?  I don't know.  I always cause confusion for people when I say things like that.  I don't think I'm ever going to truly adopt this city and province as 'home'.  'Back home' will always be home.  But I digress.

I had a long week of frustrating days.  I had only 3 hearings but each was long and very heavily detail oriented.  I was also relegated to the couch again.  Long story short, my one aunt came out to help my mom and another aunt move my grandma to her nursing home.  Big family problems ensued including my aunt who traveled to help ditching my crazy aunt in an effort to sort of hide out until she heads back home next week.  So I got one night in the spare bedroom before being stuck on the couch in my parents' room.  The couch is way more comfortable than the spare bed but being woken up early because my dad has to be up early to get to work is no fun. 

Then add to that my missing eye mask.  My niece has a 'collecting' problem.  My mom and aunt caught her playing with it and they swore she tossed it on the floor.  I looked everywhere including under the bed, under the couch and through all the bedding and couldn't find it.  Then Friday afternoon my BIL says "I think this is yours" and pulls the eye mask out from the diaper bag.  Somehow my niece snuck back into the bedroom, found the thing, took it and stuffed it into the diaper bag to take home.  She loves to collect things but this has to stop.  I got even crappier sleep ... which is normal for me in summer thanks to more hours of daylight.

Then add to that an extra early start to the morning on Tuesday to get the new kitty to the vet for her spaying appointment before my hearing.  Not so much fun.  But the good news is that the little lost kitty my parents saved was already spayed at some point so she didn't have to go through the surgery.  She's an extremely happy and cuddly kitty who loves to lick everyone.

The big reveal went well.  I was a bit nervous but finally found my in when my niece showed me her family tree.  I commented on the fact she had no cousins and whether she'd like some.  So I told her that she'd get one come January.  She then proclaimed "mommy, auntie's getting a baby!"  LOL!  That confused my sister for a while.  I could see her trying to figure out how I was 'getting' a baby and she put it together.  Since she knew about the plan I think it helped.  She offered me all the hand me downs I wanted and since she has both boy and girl stuff (mostly girl stuff being recycled for the nephew) it doesn't matter if I have a girl or boy.  She also offered me her maternity clothes.  They just moved back into their reno'd house so I told her I'd be back in 2 weeks over a weekend and would have time to come over then.  I suspect I can fit into the bottoms especially since the waist doesn't matter in pregnancy.  But I think the shirts will be a no go.  She's a size smaller than me on top so I think that will be a bust.  But I'll be glad for anything I can get that I don't have to buy. 

I'm dealing with exhaustion these days and headaches that pop up now and then.  I've been dealing with a headache most of today and am looking forward to hitting the sheets tonight.


  1. That's awesome that your sister can help you with clothing! Glad to hear the big reveal went well. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thanks! Turns out that last headache was from an impending head cold.