Friday, July 8, 2011

Head Cold

I've been out of commission this week with a summer head cold.  Certainly not the worst cold I've had, thankfully, since I've been surviving on staying home and Tyl.enol for the sinus pain.  I feel better today but I'm feeling dizzier today than I have with this cold so I'm glad that I stayed home again today.  I should be feeling much better by Monday when I definitely need to return to work.  I'm on the road again on Wednesday afternoon and get to spend the weekend 'at home' and will take advantage of that to raid my sister's maternity wardrobe and start looking at baby things. 

I had my regularly scheduled pre-natal appointment with my nurse practitioner this morning.  I'm definitely feeling the effects of the cold because I wasn't able to produce much of a urine sample.  But what I did produce was normal.  Oh, and the remainder is getting sent on to the lab for a culture because the lab lost my first one!  Anyway, I've been drinking more water today to try to up my fluids.

Good news is that everything is normal.  She found the baby's heartbeat with the doppler.  It took quite a while to find it and not mine but as soon as we found the baby's heartbeat it was distinctively faster than mine at 155 bpm.  My blood pressure is still good at 102/70.  I'm normally a little on the lower side of normal and this is a little lower than normal but it definitely explains the challenge I experience going up 2 flights of stairs then down 2 flights of stairs while doing laundry.  My throat is a little red consistent with a cold which is reassuring because I woke up last night with a burning mouth. 

Next up: IPS blood work round 2 next week, then my anatomy scan in August.  And getting rid of this cold!

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  1. Ugh! A cold while pregnant is not fun...hope you feel better soon.