Thursday, January 27, 2011

12 dpiui ... and I'm Out

Well, I was actually out yesterday but I just didn't feel like posting.  Sorry.  I was just filled with so much anger about what my body is not doing and anger at the clinic staff for not listening to me when I told them I needed a 7 dpo progesterone test.

My temps have been strangely consistent over the past 4-6 days so I thought that maybe my progesterone levels had evened out.  I decided to test yesterday even though I had a feeling this cycle would be a wash.  I used a digital to avoid the evil blue dye tests (or perhaps the satan of the home pregnancy test collection ... sorry, couldn't resist) and I got a big fat negative.  I thought, ok, it isn't over until AF shows. 

Get to work and go to the washroom, cause that commute is always a killer after a nice cup of tea with breakfast.  ;-)  I was spotting.  Bright red.  I don't understand, not because I expected this cycle to work, but because this is WAY too early for me.  That means I might, with the operative word being 'might', have had a decent 10 day luteal phase before my body decided it was time to throw out the bath water ... so to speak. 

It did get worse in the afternoon but nothing more than heavy spotting.  I decided to wait until today to see what happened.  More spotting.  Still not at CD1.  Based on past cycles since coming of bcps last summer I can expect a total of 2 or 3 days of spotting before AF shows its ugly face.  Unless you consider my previous cycle in which I spotted red for a full 6 days before AF showed.  But I'd rather ignore that one.

I still think I have a luteal phase problem, probably a progesterone issue linked to the PCOS and crappy ovulation.  I've asked my Dr.'s secretary if I can send updated cycle info by e-mail (and voice my concerns about the nursing staff) or come in to speak with her (and do the same thing in person).  I believe a little more investigation is warranted and a 7dpo progesterone test should be routine for me.  I'm even willing to pay for it myself if it becomes an issue. 

I just want to get the info to the Dr. and have this week end.  I  might feel just a teensy bit better if I can get to CD1.

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  1. Sorry to read this cycle didn't work. I hope they listen to your doesn't make sense to me that they won't check your progesterone.