Sunday, January 30, 2011

CD 1

I'm back to CD1.  I woke up at 3:30 am to severe cramps.  I haven't had those in years.  Why now?  I got up, took some Pa.mprin and waited for them to go away.  It took about an hour before they subsided completely but it allowed me sleep until I had to take my temp at 5:50 (96.8 F) and to sleep in after that.  I ran out of my beloved Pa.mprin and was unable to get to the store ... was waiting for the clinic to call before I hop on a plane.

Called the clinic around noon to report CD1.  Just got a call back from the nurse who has to check with Dr. V tomorrow for new orders.  I hope I don't have to wait a month.  I'm doing this unmedicated to start and the only monitoring I do is LH bloodwork pre-ovulation.  I can't imagine a reason why I'd be delayed a month. 

I've written most of my letter to Dr. V but feel I am missing something.  I'm going to let it sit a day or so and then e-mail it to her secretary.  That shouldn't set me back a month as the only thing I think I really need at this point is day 21 progesterone testing.  I am, however, going to raise the issue of falling progesterone levels from 8 days post-ovulation to 10/11 days post-ovulation.  I've heard some women have great progesterone levels on 7 days post-ovulation but then have massive drops, so much so that their doctors couldn't believe it. 

And while I'm happy to get on with another cycle, because it means another chance, I'm still disappointed that the January cycle didn't work.  Even though I knew intellectually it had only a 20% chance of working I really did hope that I'd be in that 20%.  It doesn't help that I sometimes get a PMS depression for 1-2 days pre-AF and it definitely hit this month.  And it didn't help that I cried like a baby while watching the latest episode of my latest TV addiction, The Va.mpire Dia.ries.  Yes, I'm a girl and apparently a hormonal one at that.  ;-)

Gotta run to catch my flight!  Doped up on extra-strength Ty.lenol.


  1. Very best of luck this cycle!

    I'm a Vamp Diaries Addict too!! Great episode Thursday! Are you Team Damon or Team Stephen?

  2. I'm totally Team Damon. Totally and completely. ;-)

    I started watching it anticipating it would be all high schoolish and I wouldn't get past the first episode. Wrong! It may be set in high school but definitely isn't a kids' show. There is no way I'll read the books.

    I'm actually waiting for the last of a group of friends to watch the episode so we can have a discussion.

    I'm crossing my fingers for this month too ... notice how I mention that second? lol TVD is such a good distraction.