Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still waiting ... 5dpo

So after the crazy temp drop two days ago my temp shot up to 97.5.  I was pretty pleased.  Then this morning it dropped to 97.05.  *sigh*  Sadly, I think this is just the PCOS playing around.  I still think I have a progesterone issue post-o but since the clinic won't test my levels as 7 dpo I can't prove it to them. 

I also think my ovaries are full of little follicles giving me trouble.  This is a common thing for me, every cycle, but usually of differing depths of pain and duration.  This time feels different, i.e. not as severe and seems to be centred more towards my uterus.  But since I know that pain radiates in the pelvic region (thanks AF for giving me cramps I feel into my toes) and it is way, way, way too early for it to be anything else I just have to use my x-ray vision to stare at my ovaries and tell them to behave. 

Thankfully tomorrow is Friday.  Work hasn't been busy for me since I cut out a bunch of travel but I'm still exhausted.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday.  Kitty approves.  ;-)


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