Saturday, June 25, 2011

12 weeks

I cannot believe I've hit the 12 week mark.  It still doesn't feel real and I'm not sure when it will.  Will it feel real when my belly starts growing?  When I get to the anatomy scan?  I don't know. 

Everything is going well.  No episodes of spotting but I do have some nasty round ligament pain from time to time, usually when I move too fast.  The only excitement I've seen recently was yesterday's nasty storm which I got stuck outside in for a half hour.  And this one was of epic proportions.

It started pouring before I left the office but let up a little so I could catch the bus.  Almost got to my home bus stop when the hail started coming down.  In the 10 years I've lived here I haven't seen hail once.  Then I get to my bus stop and the driver can't even drop us off b/c it is flooded.  The car parked on the street just in front had water flowing by it almost up to the door.  He dropped us off further down the block and I did so well not getting my feet submerged in water until I got to the sidewalk.  What is the point of a sidewalk again??? 

I get to the other end of the block and have to walk on the lawn to get around because the sidewalk is flooded.  Then I get to the end of the block and I see the flood.  Literally.  The water is coming down my cross street, the one I have to walk up to get to my street, and I can't do it because the water is literally flowing like the rapids of a river.  Insane!!!  I made a quick decision to cut across the lawn of that yard and hang out under the roof of their garage hoping that the rain would end soon.  Nope.  I was stuck out there for a half hour.  I had no way to take my shoes off and carry them since I had 4 bags and an umbrella otherwise I might have been very tempted.  Unfortunately, of the 4 houses on that block the two in the middle have no lawn so I had to either walk on a sidewalk submerged in inches of flowing water or through 2 yards of mud.  

One of the neighbours across the street came out to take pictures of the water way up his calves in the middle of the street.  He asked if I wanted to come to their house to wait it out but it would mean me walking through the water.  I said thanks but I'd be fine.  The lightning was overhead much of the time I was out there so I felt safer under the roof.  

Then a woman who had been over at this guy's house came over and offered to give me a ride the last 2 blocks to my house since she was about to leave for home anyway.  I was so happy!  But of course that was when the storm was letting up.  But it was so nice of her to offer.  Made my day after a half hour waiting out the storm!  

One of the good things is that I now know to get off at my old regular bus stop when it is raining.  It has been moved temporarily b/c of construction and it didn't look any better yesterday with water flowing up from the manhole.  And I also know that in that kind of storm that the flood protection mechanisms in my neighbourhood work.  And I definitely don't live in the lowest spot in the neighbourhood. 

Tonight, I discovered that my purse is still wet inside and my computer bag got soaked.  The computer was a bit wet but turned on just fine.  But many of my work papers got totally soaked.  I'm airing them out now.  Usually I'm super packed the night before I leave but I can't do that this time.  I'll have to get the suitcase done but wait to do the rest tomorrow.  No sleeping in.   :(

And now, today's belly shot.  Same clothes which still fit.  I'm happy with that.  You can really see the veins in my pasty white arms now.  


  1. You look Fab! - So glad to hear that your computer still works!

  2. Thanks ladies. Yes, I was relieved about the computer but it was a work one. I just didn't want to have to tell the tech guys next week that it died because of the torrential downpour. I'm sure they haven't heard that one before. ;-)

  3. Yay for 12 weeks - you look great! What a miserable experience in the rain - glad your computer survived and that there are still nice people out there.