Monday, November 15, 2010

2-for-1 Post

In order to prevent any new reader who stumbles across my blog from thinking I'm a raving, bitter lunatic I thought I should post something new and more positive.  Today we have a 2-for-1 post.

Donor Sperm Ordered

After careful consideration of all the, er ... options, I made my choice on the weekend.  I knew immediately upon reading the donor's profile that he'd be the one but I read through quite a few others to make sure I had a couple backups.  I placed my order by e-mail on the weekend and got confirmation today.  The vials will ship on November 22nd direct to the clinic.  At $700 a pop (yes, you read that right) I only ordered 3.  Yeesh, I need to earn more overtime to pay for the next round.

I'll post on how I went about choosing the donor at another time.  I haven't come across a lot of blog postings about this but those few I did I found informative.  What I can share with you is that the donor has brown hair, hazel/green eyes, is 6'0"  and has a mixed English/Dutch background.  Chances are my child will inherit my brown eyes anyway.  And the background is close to my family's which is German.  My goal was to have the donor blend as much as possible with us.  He has one sister and a good medical history.  I specifically excluded donors with a history of diabetes (because of my PCOS) and a lot of cancers, particularly ovarian, endometrial, and breast cancer since we have absolutely no history of that in our family.  He's also smart and ambitious, which seems to run in the family.  And most importantly he's an Open ID donor.

I Told My Boss

Well, okay not the real bosses, i.e. the Minister or the Prime Minister.  lol  Nope, I told the brand new supervisor for our team.  I was really hoping to not have to tell anyone at work and was even getting pretty crafty with planning my travel.  I have the perfect plan to do my required 1 week of travel a month during the 2 week wait to distract my brain.  But pressure is coming from on high to add to our workload and I can't commit to any more than that 1 week a month.  And seeing as how I've been a go-to traveler for the past 21 months someone was going to wonder what the heck was going on.  Not to mention my frequent absences from the office for appointments and tests at the clinic.

So I took advantage of our supervisor's request for our availability for extra travel starting in January as the opening.  I became very nervous and I think my heart started pounding a little too fast.  Yes, I did remember to take my thyroid meds last night.  Everything is fine.  My supervisor has a friend who had to go through fertility treatments to have her daughter so she's understanding of the fact that this can be a very involved process.  I'm starting out with unmedicated IUIs so I have lots of leeway in terms of changing things up and adding meds.  But I told her that I'm glad to go unmedicated for now so that at least for a few more months I don't have to deal with fertility drug induced hormones.  Pretty important in my job seeing as how I deal with historic child abuse cases.

She's fine with my 1 week a month of travel as that meets my job requirements and she'll always ask me if there is anything else I am able to pick up.  If not, no problem.  I'll keep her updated on my schedule as the weeks I predicted being available January through March are already a little off thanks to what seems to be a 26-day cycle.

I can officially classify today as a good one.

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