Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just Checking In

I've been on the road again getting back at 2 am last night.  Luckily Air Canada held our connecting flight in Toronto, which NEVER happens because it is Air Canada, and I got home at 2 am.  I had been dealing with some major back pain and muscle spasms all week.  No idea where that came from but it made it extremely difficult to sit in a chair in formal meetings to take notes.  Or to pay attention and try to make it seem like I actually knew what I was talking about.  I've become friends with my hot water bottle again.  Unless something strange happens tonight I'll be heading back to work tomorrow.

My sister has now told my niece there is a baby on the way.  I love kids for so many reasons.  Their priorities are different from ours.  My niece was excited to tell my dad the first morning she saw him after the announcement and after that the most mundane things were far more interesting.  Her new books were far more important apparently.  LOL

I've signed all the necessary forms at OFC.  I had to sign one last piece, an updated consent re: donor sperm.  This one threw me for a loop as I read anything I sign with my legal eyes.  The form has a spot for the sperm donor to allow for the partner/spouse to use the sperm to conceive even after death.  I couldn't sign that, quite obviously, because I'm not the guy providing sperm.  My RE's medical secretary has no idea why they make those of us doing donor IUI sign this but it is required.  That one made me scratch my head and laugh at the same time.

My 3 vials were to be shipped this past Monday.  I haven't heard anything from OFC so I'm hoping everything is there and in order.  I should be receiving a call from the nurses soon to explain the procedure once we hit January. 

While away this week I was able to spend some time with the family.  I went out for lunch with my mom and niece.  My niece was enjoying her fries so was oblivious to the conversation.  My mom said that maybe this time next year there would be 3 little ones around.  I said 'not too likely'.  I don't want to get all excited only to get let down with multiple negative pregnancy tests.  I'm focusing on being more realistic hoping that I get good news at some point next year.  Ha!  With my luck March would be my month.  Why?  Because that would mean a Christmas baby and, even worse, the chance of a baby sharing a birth date with me and my mom.  Yep, mom and I have the same birth date.  And her dad's was 3 days before ours.  Being a December baby was hard enough, not being a twin and having to share your birthday is worse.  What is a kid supposed to do?  Not cool!  It may seem a bit selfish but honestly it is really weird not being able to have the day to yourself and always having to celebrate someone else on the same day.  I really don't want that for my child.  In the end, though, if I were to have a birthday baby I'd just be grateful to have a child ... but I'm hoping my child would be born on one of the other 364 days of the year.  Yep, 364 other possibilities.  ;-)

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