Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Losing my Balance

Well, today was entertaining to say the least.  I had a hard time keeping my balance thanks to a cold.

I managed to pick up this cold while on the road last week.  I thought it was just allergies all weekend but woke up on Monday morning with a definite cold.  Not the worst one I've ever had, more annoying than anything else.  I took some cold medication last night hoping that I could get some sleep.  That plan didn't pan out.  I kept waking up and think I got just enough sleep to get an accurate temperature reading on waking.  And since I was on my left side most of the night that is where the cold settled.

I got up to our floor at work this morning and bumped into the wall, ran into a filing cabinet and spent the rest of the day trying not to veer off to the left.  It provided me and some of my coworkers with a good laugh, at least.

And wouldn't you know it, I'm CD 10 today.  I can tell my body is gearing up to ovulate.  My left ovary seems to have made an appearance this month.  And the right one is piping up as well.  I had a cold or a mild influenza back in September, also caught on the road, and it delayed my ovulation by 3 days.  While I don't enjoy being sick I'm trying to look at this positively in 2 ways:  (1) this isn't going to interfere with treatment since I don't start until January, and (2) I'm getting to see what being sick in the pre-ovulatory phase does to my body, cycle, and ovulation pattern.

I'm just looking forward to this cold going away so I can get a better night's sleep and walk without fearing that I'm going to list like a ship.

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