Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CD11 Bloodwork

First off, I'm feeling better today.  I felt better right off the bat in the morning.  But it still hasn't gone away.  At least I'm not feeling like I'm either going to burst into tears or tear someone's head off.  So that's an improvement.  But in my head I'm doing the whole psychological preparation to head off nastiness when I see my friends and their babies.  I don't even want to think about the arrival of my nephew in June.  Maybe I'll see what I can do to avoid traveling there for work while my sister is still pregnant so I don't have to see that on a regular basis.  I can do Winnipeg instead.

More LH bloodwork today and the nurse who called me with the update actually gave me my numbers:
  • E2 - 467
  • LH - 8.1 (must be >30 for surge)
The numbers are rising so I'm guessing I'll hit surge on Friday and have IUI #2 on Saturday.  My CM is starting to change but nowhere near where it should be for an IUI on Friday.  But overall not bad because I won't have to miss work.  I was crossing my fingers for Friday so that I could take a full sick day (thank you stupid cramps) and be home for my furniture delivery.  And I could stay home and watch The Vampire Diaries all day if I wanted to.  Yeah, I could do that on Saturday too but it doesn't have the same effect.  Somehow it just feels better to do that on a real day off, not a weekend day when you should be doing housework.  ;-)

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