Sunday, February 20, 2011

No News From Me ... 7dpo

Nothing new to report here.  Except that progesterone is currently kicking my ass.  I've now fallen into the "use caution if driving and avoid alcohol" category as described on the medication information sheet I got with my prescription.  So, that makes it:
  • 2 days of feeling off to the point I munched on a lot of pretzels
  • 2 days of no level of patience whatsoever
  • 4 days and counting of fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion, etc.  
The good news is that my hormones definitely seem to be more stable this month.  I'm not getting weird pelvic pain like last cycle so I highly doubt I have a cyst this month.  This has been a concern, at least to me, in a few past cycles.  I think I can feel my corpus luteum acting up a little from time to time but haven't felt that for a couple days.  Oh, and FF did actually adjust my O date after entering my 4th high temp post-O.  I knew I was right.  ;-)

I gave up on temping after getting a really nice jump on Friday morning.  I did it out of curiosity this morning because I woke up at roughly the same time I would during the week even without the alarm.  I had a huge drop in temp but I'm not worrying about it at all since I'm on the supplements, I usually get weird temp drops and spikes post-O and because it is 7dpo ... I'm hoping this drop is actually a good sign. 

Now, to make it until the end of the week before I can test.  I'll be 12 dpo on Friday and would really like to test then because I'm off on another business trip in a week and I'll be gone Sunday afternoon through Thursday evening.  If I have to go in for betas I'm not going to be able to get proper doubling times so I'd like to be able to start out here on Friday with a follow up on Sunday.  But all of this is moot if AF shows so I'm not going to think about it beyond that.


  1. Stay hopeful...I'm hoping & praying for you.

  2. Thanks. I've been having a few cramps that I am hoping are a good sign!