Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You Want Me To Stick That Where?

Got ya' with that catchy title, did I?

I had my follow up with Dr. V. yesterday.  She recognized my concerns about early spotting in the luteal phase and said there was no harm in taking progesterone.  The timing was perfect as today I am one day post-IUI and they prescribe progestrone to be started 2 days post-IUI.  The clinic pharmacy was closed by the time I had my appointment so I couldn't get endometrin so I ended up with prometrium instead.  When I asked Dr. V. about the difference she said that patients find the endometrin less messy. 

But since prometrium is available at any pharmacy I am now armed with a Rx for 2 100 mg suppositories/day ... hence the entry title.  I took my first one today.  Or should I say 'inserted it'.  Went well this morning but it took me a while to figure out a strategy to get that sucker in there without it popping out of my fingers and rolling around on the floor.  I locked my cat out of the bathroom lest I drop it and she think it was a toy or a tasty treat.  Imagine trying to explain THAT disaster to my vet.  "Sorry, I know something is wrong with her but she ate my progesterone suppository."  I was also paranoid I would drop it and, with a cat, it would have been absolutely impossible for me to pick that up and use it.  Gagh!  The one tonight gave me a little trouble.  Got stuck at the start but I did get it in there. 

I use FF to chart and it and my CM were definitely at odds this month.  FF has placed ovulation Saturday while I still had full on EWCM on Sunday during my IUI.  The nurse even commented on it.  So, I think I'm actually only 2 days post-O, not 3.  If so, then FF's pregnancy predictor can take a hike.

Unfortunately for me I started feeling off today.  I am not feeling completely nauseous but definitely off.  I bought some pretzels and sugar-free gingerale to take to work to help as I've noticed nibbling helps to stave off the awful feeling.  And now tonight, my breasts are definitely sore.  If I do get sore breasts post-O they definitely don't hurt this early.  Ever.  So lucky me I get breast pain the first day I'm on progesterone.  Only 13 more days to go. 

You know who I did feel sorry for?  The guy at the pharmacy last night who seemed hell bent on getting his wife's prescription (I assume it was his wife since I don't think the woman's name was his) he tried to butt in line ahead of me.  I got my Rx first but he got stuck standing next to me as the pharmacist explained to "insert the progesterone into my vagina 2 times a day".  You don't want to hear that stuff then don't be so pushy.  Wait next time otherwise I might just get the pharmacist to say "vagina" over and over again just to embarrass you.  ;-)

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  1. I'm glad you're on the progesterone...I hope it make the difference. When I was taking it, I would set my alarm for an hour before I had to get up & insert it while laying down...I found it easier & felt as though more stayed inside...plus if I dropped it, it's just be in my bed & not on the floor.

    Hoping & praying for you this cycle!