Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Gave In ...

... and peed on a stick.  Held 4 hours tonight, 10 dpo.  Used a purple dye test.  No EVIL blue dye tests allowed in my house.  And I got a ........


Oh well.  I told myself that at least I'd know before using the digital tomorrow.  I still plan on following up with the digital in the am and, if that one is negative, another digital about 14 dpo before stopping my progesterone.

My entire day tomorrow won't be ruined by a stupid BFN tomorrow, at least.


  1. Hello my fellow Canadian! Thanks for stopping by--and I'm so sorry about the BFN, but it's still early! You are not out yet. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. I's still early...I'm still hoping & praying for you!