Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm green

And not with envy.  No, I felt a little green on the bus ride home from work.  Either I have a bug of some sort or this is pregnancy related.  And since it isn't getting worse this isn't a bug.  It is the other thing.  I thought I might have a couple more weeks before I had to deal with this.  It was exacerbated by a bus driver who was desperate to get us through light traffic, a woman with heavy perfume sitting next to me on the bus who wouldn't shut up, and me reading my blac.kberry. 

When I spoke with Nurse M on Tuesday she asked if I was feeling tired yet.  Nope.  She said I would soon.  I started feeling a little tired yesterday afternoon.  I felt it in my eyes.  But I didn't feel particularly tired at night.  I went to bed early but that didn't go so well since my cat decided to misbehave.  She was spinning around in the corner smelling the carpet looking like she was about to take a dump.  Sidenote: she's old and she has a major constipation problem.  She takes medication for it but she goes through a phase every few weeks where her bowels kind of let loose and she is unable to make it to the litter box before dumping huge terds all over, including in my bedroom.  At 11 pm I grabbed her and hoofed it down 2 flights of stairs and popped her into her litter.  No go.  My sister's cat will use the litter on command if you place him in there.  My cat?  I think she's too smart and stubborn for that.  lol  For the first time in the 8 years that I've had her I had to lock her out of my room overnight.  I wouldn't have been able to sleep with her in there because I was paranoid thinking she would pee or poop on my carpet.

Today, I started feeling tired around noon.  And my blood sugar has been off the past couple of days.  I'm supplementing with a few pretzels in the morning between my usual morning snack and lunch.  Then I have an afternoon snack.  I do this to manage my PCOS anyway.  And my boobs hurt like craaaazy.  Makes for a very unpleasant bus ride when your driver has a lead foot. 

I feel like I shouldn't be complaining.  This is so early and symptoms could get so much worse.  Plus I know so many women would just kill to be experiencing minor pregnancy symptoms.  So I feel badly for complaining.  I'm going to try to keep it at a minimum but I can't promise I'll never complain.  And yes, I'm very grateful for this pregnancy ... and I feel a little like I cheated because I somehow got lucky.


  1. I had "morning" sickness all day for pretty much the whole 9 months. :) Tricks that helped were keeping gingerale beside my bed, open, so by morning it was warm and flat (sounds gross but if I drank some before sitting up it helped). Mint also helped me, I ate a lot of lifesavers and chewed a lot of gum. Oh, and Wendys Big Bacon Classic :) If it was a really bad day that was the only thing I could keep down lol, so find a food that appeals and go with it. You'll balance out in the end. It does get better, and as soon as the baby is born it all disappears.

  2. So glad to hear that someone else's tits hurt like CRazy too! I finally got out today and bought a crate of ginger ale and huge box of saltines !

  3. Like Heather said, it does get better! And you'll find the things that work best for you (for me it was Egg and Cheese biscuits from Bojangles that I could always count on when the thought of any other form of protein was more than I could handle). The best advice I got was if it sounds good, try it, if it sounds gross, stay away!

    And complain all you want, sometime the symptoms are miserable. You know how hard it is to get here, and you appreciate how lucky you are to be pregnant, but that doesn't mean you have to be stoic about the unpleasant stuff!