Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm hormonal

I just watched the season finale of Cas.tle.  I couldn't stop the tears.  And the season finale of The Vam.pire Diar.ies?  I watched it three times knowing the ending, knowing the final Damon-Elena scene, every word of it and I still cried the same ... ALL 3 TIMES. 

I know there is nothing technically wrong with me.  I can cry at stupid commercials.  But to have real, huge unstoppable tears streaming down my face?  That's just not me.

Good thing I keep tons of boxes of tissues around the house to deal with my allergies.  I'll never be short a tissue when I cry.


  1. the funny thing? That gets worse after the baby arrives :)

  2. I think those 2 shows will be on holiday hiatus so I'm safe there. lol But I'm sure I'll find tons of other things to cry at.

    I'm just looking forward to getting to 12 weeks so I can spill the beans so when I do start crying for no known reason I at least have a good excuse. ;-)

  3. So true, Heather! What use to make me just tear up now makes me sob!! Be prepared for the waterworks, Andrea! LOL!