Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just checking in

Nothing new to report.  Everything seems to be going along just fine.  I passed the 6 week mark and am really grateful to get this far this time.  Every day that passes I'm so happy that I haven't had any bleeding ... so happy to just get through another day pregnant. 

I'm still very anxious about my ultrasound on Thursday.  I just want everything that is supposed to be there to actually be there.  I know I have no control over this but I really hope I don't get unlucky two pregnancies in a row.  I'd be devastated. 

I'm slowly realizing that I can't do the things I normally do partly out of exhaustion and partly because this pregnant body can't, or shouldn't, be lifting heavy things.  I am 99% sure I'll be getting an IK.EA crib and I also need a few more things from the store, namely some bookshelves so I can move the books out of baby's room.  I can't lift the boxes any longer so I think I'm just going to have to order everything and have it shipped.  Once it is in my house I can take everything apart box by box, piece by piece and move them individually. 

I've sort of had to give up on my yard for the year.  With the water ban in place until August 1st I can't really plant trees or shrubs this year anyway.  But I'm cutting back on the number of flower pots I will plant.  I have set out 2 smaller pots out front so my yard doesn't look like a complete disaster compared to my neighbours'.  I picked up some impatients today but I'm not entirely thrilled with them.  I'd wanted the New Gui.nea ones but I didn't see them anywhere.  I'll keep looking but if I find the NG ones I might pick up a few and use the little impatients as filler.  If not, I'll just use what I have and pick up a couple other things to throw in there. 

I've noticed that I'm getting back pain and pelvic pain when I sit or lay in certain positions.  I had some really seriously sharp cramping yesterday.  It may have been as a result of how I was sitting or moving because it did improve when I moved.  But it did take a while.  I think I need to invest in a good body pillow already.  Any recommendations for me? 


  1. I used a regular body pillow, but the Snoogy is supposed to be really good (available at Babies R Us).
    Do take it easy. The guys at Ikea will help you load things in your vehicle but they won't take anything out of boxes (well that depends, some will but some will say they have a policy not to). And if you are used to lifting things, i.e. in good shape, it's not as bad for you as you might think, though better after the first trimester actually.

    And you don't have to answer but it sounds like you live in Barrhaven lol. Just down the road!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Heather. Yes, I live in the 'haven. ;-)

    I think I'm just dealing with expansion in my pelvic area and my body is just letting me know what is going on. I'm much less comfortable sleeping on one side than the other and that isn't good for me as I need to turn over otherwise my body just hurts and that isn't pregnancy related.

    I'm on the road the week of Victoria Day and I'm with my parents for 2 nights but not consecutively. My sister, BIL and niece are there until their place is reno'd and sadly they'll be moving back home the weekend after I'm there. So, I'm stuck on one of the couches. :-( But since I'm keeping this a surprise until I hit 12 weeks I can't even use pregnancy as an excuse to get a comfier sleep spot. There's only 1 bed and my 8 month pregnant sister has it and I don't think 7 weeks trumps 8 months. I've never looked forward to sleeping in a hotel bed so much!

  3. I am big toss and turner myself, which got fun nearer the end when there was more to toss lol. The pillow did help, the snoogy is more adjustable, I think you can bend it around you more.

    Sounds like you won't be getting much sleep that week! Good practice? :) If you are able to sleep on your back at all enjoy that now.

  4. I loved the Leachco back and body pillow - in fact I'm still using it now since it hurts to lie flat. I had hip and back pain early on too, and it was a life saver!

    Looking forward to your ultrasound results!

  5. I used 2 body pillows & wouldn't have slept without them!! I was too cheap to buy the Snoogly or the like but hear they are way better.

    Can't wait until Thursday!

  6. I've just stumbled on your blog and have really enjoyed your frank and open writing. I will be thinking of you tomorrow!