Sunday, June 19, 2011

11 weeks and no news to report

Yep, all is quiet from this end.  I'm taking advantage of the decent weather (warm but not humid plus wind) to get some things done around the house since I got NOTHING done last weekend.  I got 4 batches of blueberry muffins made yesterday and took advantage of my new freezer to get them all frozen. ;-) Got the laundry done yesterday, some vacuuming too.  Today I started tackling one of the front bedrooms.  Most of my things never did get unpacked after I moved last year.  Tip to my readers:  never go on a 1-week business trip on the other side of the country 4 days after moving in, then take a course that takes up all your time over the next 4 weekends, and then take a 3-week vacation overseas a month after you moved in.  Very bad plan for unpacking and organizing.  I'm still living in my 'emergency' unpacking state.  But now I have to get that front bedroom organized. 

I have to get some new bookshelves to hold all the books I have in there and more.  I probably need more than will fit in my bedroom but I'm not sure where else I'll put them.  What doesn't fit on the ones I'm about to buy will have to sit in boxes until they find their new bookshelf homes at some point in the future.  And I discovered oodles of expired cold medication, bena.dryl, and other lovely things.  Also, some hair product and facial stuff that I use but never did get around to unpacking.  Good times.  I'm nowhere near complete, just unpacking everything but I've at least made a start which is better than where I was yesterday. 

Taken at 11w0d
And now for your viewing pleasure a belly pic ... but not a pg belly pic.  No, all you can see here is my PCOS belly which of course regularly suffers from 'the bloat' without pregnancy.  I also had the luck to inherit my dad's round ribcage (unlike my sister whose ribcage is narrow front-back and side-to-side, how nice) so I always look at bit round.  I always joke it is a good thing I inherited the super large chest from my mom's side of the family otherwise my body would just look bizarre, all belly and no boobs.

I have to tell you it was hard to get a good shot doing a self-portrait.  My body and arms wanted to twist in opposite directions.  Obviously no one discussed this with them beforehand. These are my regular clothes.  I'm not quite ready to hop into mat clothes yet even though I have a few.  I like the capri jeans I bought so I might wear them on the plane on Sunday so I'm more comfortable.  Nothing like air travel to cause insane bloating.

I have my NT scan scheduled for Tuesday.  Hopefully the bean will cooperate and we only need to do this once.  I hate having to get up early, particularly around 5:30 am as I am a night owl.  I wish I were doing this in a week or two before the cut off just so I'd get a better updated photo but this is when I was given an appointment.  I'm not expecting to see much growth or difference from 1 week ago.  I also think that my next u/s will be the anatomy scan so I'm going to have to sit tight for quite a few weeks before getting another peek.


  1. Just wait... a few weeks from now you will look at this picture and not be able to believe how skinny you were!

    Fingers crossed that all goes well with the NT scan and that you can then consider yourself safely into the SECOND TRIMESTER!!!

  2. I'm so looking forward to getting to the 2nd trimester. I'm getting tired of hiding the secret. Hopefully the bean is cooperative tomorrow.