Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NT Scan

I had my NT scan today as well as my regular and IPS blood work round #1.  Busy morning.  I went to the lab first to pick up the urine container and the woman was crusty!  Oh, was she crusty.  Well, I'm sorry I'm not a typical 'get one tube drawn' kind of gal.  I wanted the container first so I could fill it right after the u/s.  No point in me doing that, coming back to the lab and then having to wait until my bladder was full.  She seemed like it was such a horrible thing that I asked.  Maybe a vacation or a career change is in order.

Anyway, I had the NT scan first.  The measurements were taken using what seemed to be a super zoom feature so everything was much more detailed.  Because of that I think today's scan was more accurate than last week's.  I am still measuring ahead but today I'm only measuring 3 days ahead.  I'm good with that but I'm still sticking with my original due date.  Baby is measuring 5 cm, but that is an average taken from all the crown-rump measurements I saw on the screen.  The heartbeat is still going strong and today it was 172 bpm.  Good stuff! 

The tech showed me everything that was being scanned.  The nuchal fold is definitely visible if you know what you are looking for.  Mine, or should I say baby's, measured 1.3 mm which is well within normal for the size and date of the baby.  After doing a little research I am relieved.  It isn't anywhere near the upper limit.  Baby definitely has 2 legs and 2 arms and I got to see the top of its tiny head.  Baby also decided to moon us during the u/s so I got to see the developing spine right in the middle of the back where it should be. 

After I cleaned up the goop on my belly and went to the bathroom I went back to the lab.  The sour woman was at the desk again.  But as soon as I sat down and pulled out my book I was called in.  The long line of people were probably wondering why I got called in before them.  Ahhhhhh, that's what happens when you drop off your forms early.  Anyway, the woman who took my blood was very nice and appropriately chatty.  She made up for the sourpuss out front.  ;-) 

The rest of the day was busy as I had to finalize some submissions I had to do by phone this afternoon.  I felt so relieved when they were over but didn't quite know what to do with myself for the last half hour of work.  Weird. 

All in all it was a good day.  I'm starting to feel an extra sense of relief at this point and I'm feeling almost ready to tell people.  I want to tell my family next week when I'm out west and after that it will just depend on the day and who I want to tell, I think. 

My next round of IPS blood work is scheduled for the week of July 18th.  I can't go in on the day they want me to (15w3d) but they said it is okay for me to go in a day or two later.  I'm out west again at that time and it would be difficult to be in 2 places at once.  Going in a couple days later than the ideal date is okay but I was told NOT to go in before 15w3d.

Here is the latest photo.  Note that baby looks a lot bigger than last week.  I know that s/he is bigger than a week ago but not from growth.  You can thank the lovely zoom feature on the u/s for this:



  1. yay!!! that's wonderful!!! a big hurdle has been cleared! congratulations!

  2. What an adorable little bean!

  3. awww...baby bean photos! looks like things are going great for you! congrats! fingers crossed for me july 4th weekend - if things go well, i may just be following in your footsteps!