Saturday, June 11, 2011

No new bleeding

Just thought I should update everyone.  And thanks for the reassuring comments. 

I had no more bleeding.  Nothing showed on the liner I had on overnight and I had a bit more brown CM pop out about 6 am when I woke up and had to go to the bathroom.  I haven't been feeling crampy, well any more than I usually do.  All I'm feeling is stretching cramps like I've been feeling the past few weeks.  And I think I feel the corpus luteum starting to shrink too.  Nothing has changed in that department so I'm taking that as a good sign. 

My mom was also reassuring even though she never experienced this with any of her pregnancies.  My sister spotted throughout the first trimester with my niece who is now a bright, happy and crazy (good crazy) almost 5-year old.  Everything I've read said that this can happen, even bright red bleeding and if it isn't accompanied by cramping it should be fine ... even if it is pretty awesomely fear inducing. 

We have great hospital care here but our ERs are overloaded with people who don't know what the 'E' in ER stands for:  emergency.  There are also plenty of folks who don't have family doctors who rely on the ER for general care and then there are those who should just know better before sticking their fingers into a plugged in, still moving lawnmower (yes, Gr. 8 science teacher, that includes you).  Since the bleeding stopped and hasn't returned and is definitely not accompanied by any cramping I don't see the point in going to the ER.  I'd be stuck there for the entire weekend waiting to be seen.  If it returns I can go but until then I'm sitting at home and resting. 

I'll call the NP and OB's offices on Monday just to let them know what happened.  But I'm still hoping there will be something visible on the u/s on Tuesday that can explain this.  If it is just a usual pregnancy thing (SCH, low lying placenta) then I won't be too worried but I will want the doctors to know so they can keep an eye on it. 

The good news is that my freezer and mattress were delivered early.  The delivery guys wanted to get their jobs done before the forecast rain sets in late this afternoon.  Good plan.  In a way it was good to be caught a bit off guard (11:30 am instead of between noon and 6 pm) because I had no time to even consider cleaning, vacuuming, etc.  They just had to deliver and ignore my cat hair covered hardwood floor.  All I had to do to help them keep safe was clear out my entrance of shoes and a few things I'd dumped there over the past few days after getting home, such as my purse.  I'm certain they've seen a lot worse.  ;-)


  1. I'm so glad there's no more bleeding. It sounds like this could be one of those random, unexplained but non-significant early pregnancy bleeds. Tuesday seems so far away!

  2. I was pretty scared and pleading with the universe on Friday. I'm hoping this was just one of those weird random things.

    Yes, Tuesday is a long ways away but I'm glad I didn't cancel the u/s as my OB wanted me too. So glad I stuck with the NP's plan. So what if I go back in 3-4 weeks for a NT scan? If I end up with 1 or 2 extra u/s this pregnancy does that really matter much? I don't think so. It isn't like I'm sticking myself in front of a powerful x-ray machine multiple times over the 9 months.

    Oh, Shannon, the good news about the metformin is that neither my NP or OB seem to want me to get off the meds at any point during the pregnancy. The OB didn't come out and say it but I got the feeling from his questions and comments that because I'm insulin resistant and at higher risk of GD I'd do best to stay on it. That makes me very happy!