Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today's ultrasound results

Everything went well this morning.  I was there super early.  They don't open their doors until 7:50 but I was there by 7:30.  Hey, we have super heavy traffic out of our area because of the repair of our water main so I needed to make sure I could get there without trouble. I didn't want to get stuck in a traffic jam and miss my appointment.  Really, I'm not obsessed or anything.

I'm 10w3d but I was measuring 11w2d today.  The bean measured 4.3 cm. There was a hb of 168 bpm which is great.  The tech pointed out the heartbeat right away but I didn't get to hear it.  Apparently my cervix is looking great, long and closed.  Good to know.  And the bean was wiggling a bit at the end testing out its arm and leg buds.  That was great to see. 

The wiggler.  Sorry the photo is so small.  They gave me a tiny one.
Apparently the placenta is on the back wall so there doesn't appear to be a risk of placenta previa, which is a relief.  But the bleeding is still a mystery.  The tech couldn't see any evidence of a sub-chorionic hematoma so I'm guessing this is just one of those things.  Although, I'm beginning to suspect I popped a blood vessel in my cervix when I went to the bathroom on Friday. 

I get a follow up u/s on Tuesday for my NT scan.  I also have to do the IPS (integrated prenatal screening) blood work the same day as that is what they prefer.  The next step is more blood work.  The requisition says they prefer 15w3d but I'll have to check to see if I'm here.  I think I might be.  If not it isn't the end of the world to go in a couple days before.

I'm starting to feel some of the anxiety go.  The last stuff I read said that at this point the risk of m/c drops to 2% so if something goes wrong it has got to be something odd, strange or rare.  I just have to keep reminding myself that the numbers are on my side this time.

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  1. Yay! Wonderful news! And your bean is beautiful