Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feeling much better today

After giving it some thought I think I figured out what the problem was.  I ate a nice bowl of freshly popped hot air popcorn Tuesday night ... at 8:30 which apparently is too late for me.  It seemed to sit in my stomach overnight because when I woke up I certainly wasn't hungry.  It felt like I had a full stomach from the get go.  So now, I'm going to make an effort to eat supper a little earlier and if I want a snack or treat I must eat it right after supper.  Although I'm not quite sure how much more I can add to my diet.  I already eat 5 times a day and I eat full, balanced meals and snacks each time.  I'm going to continue eating this way and see what happens with my weight.  If it looks like it is going to be a problem then I can always adjust.

Tonight, I couldn't find anything appetizing in the fridge.  I'd been giving thought to some pizza the past few night so I ordered some.  My tummy is happy!

And now ... introducing my nephew Callum.  Seeing these pictures from 1 week, he definitely looks like our family. 

Callum - 1 week old
And another one:
Mmmm, fingers are tasty.  Nom, nom.
And one of big sister and little brother.  She's certainly proud but she's holding him a bit awkwardly.  lol

Can my smile get any bigger?  Are you squishing me?
I am really looking forward to having my own ... soon!  Hopefully my niece will get over her fear that I will stop being her auntie when I become a mom.


  1. what a gorgeous baby!!! and your niece is adorable too!

    congratulations, auntie!

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