Friday, June 10, 2011


I started bleeding this afternoon, bright red.  I went to the washroom before heading home on the bus.  When I looked I saw a lot of red blood in the toilet.  No, no, no!  When I wiped I could tell it was not related to a hemorrhoid because it was coming from my vagina.  Lovely.  I know I wasn't constipated but pushed a little too much so I thought maybe it was from a broken blood vessel in my cervix since there is a lot going on in there right now. 

The bleeding stopped on my way home and I had only a little spotting on my liner.  I didn't have any more bleeding but tonight I did have a mass of brown CM come out.  I'm crossing my fingers the bleeding, whatever the cause, is over.  I am not ready for this pregnancy to be over at 9w6d. 

I haven't been experiencing any cramping beyond what I've been feeling the past few weeks.  I think the pain I've been feeling today is a continuation of typical growing pains.  Although, I am feeling something deeper that might be vaginal but I get that the odd time when not pregnant too so that isn't a good measurement to go by.

I have an u/s scheduled for Tuesday morning.  My NP wanted me to get an initial one as a 'dating' scan ... she knows full well that I was at the fertility clinic and I know my dates.  But she saw nothing wrong with doing that and then another one for the NT scan in just a few weeks.  She even said I could set that up right there on my appointment day.  Then I saw the OB the next day and he said I didn't need the dating scan and to cancel the dating scan and book the NT scan.  I debated that one and decided I wasn't going to cancel it.  I know there are concerns about getting too many u/s during pregnancy but I seriously doubt that one extra one is going to do any harm.  Plus, I really want to get it done now.  If I make it to Tuesday I just want reassurances that there is something in there and things are still fine.  And if they can locate anything that indicates where this bleeding might have come from (SCH, low lying placenta, etc.) then I want to know. 

Ugh, this weekend is going to drag by so slowly.


  1. Fingers very tightly crossed that everything is okay for you!

    It seems like a good sign that the bleeding stopped... did you call your RE/OB/midwife to let them know about the bleeding? They might even want to see you sooner, if you wanted to go in.

    Thinking good thoughts for you!

  2. Ugh! I'm crossing my fingers for you, too! I remember how scary the bleeding I had during my first trimester heart goes out to you. But for me it turned out to be very normal, and stopped before my second trimester. Hang in there! :) I'll be checking in to see how things are going--thinking good thoughts for you as well!

  3. Thank you for sending positive thoughts my way!

    Nothing new - updated with a new blog post.

    I'll call the NP and OB's offices on Monday to update them. I'm just glad that I didn't cancel the u/s on Tuesday. I'd be panicking for sure if I had done that. I'll be resting and taking it easy today just to be safe. I have to step out tomorrow to get some food for lunches this week b/c I can't starve but other than that I can be lazy tomorrow too. ;-)

  4. Andrea,

    I just found your blog and this post. Just wanted to send positive thoughts your way!! I'm an SMC as well to a super fabulous 22 month old little boy!

    I bled from Week 5-Week 14. It was awful. Sometimes I just spotted, sometimes I gushed. Every time I went to the bathroom I was petrified to wipe (and that feeling lasted my entire pregnancy). I had no other symptoms...nothing on any u/s. I was allowed to go to work, come home and sit for the first trimester, Took it really easy until 20 weeks, then started yoga, prenatal massages, the works until I delivered (LATE!!! worried to death about keeping the kid in, then he wouldn't come out!... a whole other story!!!)

    Anyway, just wanted to be sure you take it really easy this entire weekend since you won't see the doc until early this week.

    Just wanted to let you know that there IS someone who knows EXACTLY how you feel, how scared you are. Be hopeful. Be kind to yourself this weekend and the rest of your pregnancy.

    Oh and FYI my ob and I discussed about my having an amnio. I wasn't really wanting to do one anyway (I'm in the South in the US where CVS is not done usually). She counseled me that if I wasn't really wanting one to not do it as she was concerned my bleeding would increase my chances of a miscarriage. Just to let you know my full experience. Soooo glad I opted out of the testing other than normal u/s.

    Good luck!!