Sunday, April 17, 2011

Donor Stats

So, I gave in and ordered full access to donor profiles for three months.  I just sent off an e-mail and requested 20 profiles.  I'm really hoping someone in there will be a good option because if there isn't I don't know what I'm going to do past May. 

About a week and a half ago I decided to download the list, which is not searchable for important things like CMV status or Open ID.  There is just a long list that I had to print out.  Not helpful.  But I digress.  At the time there were 114 Xy.tex donors listed.  I decided to figure out who was 'available' to me based on things like CMV status, Open ID, and basic physical characteristics such as eye, hair, skin colour and height.  Here is what I got.
  • Of the 114 donors listed, 47 have medium dark, dark blonde, blonde or red hair and a mix of eye colours (green, blue or brown) that would work with me and my family.  That is 41% of donors listed.
  • Of those 47, 40 are Open ID.  That is 35% of the donors listed.
  • Of those 47, 23 are CMV-.  That is 20% of the donors listed.
  • There are 22 donors who are both CMV- and Open ID.  So just under 20%.
  • However, of the 22 donors who are both CMV- and Open ID only 16 are also 5'11" and taller.  And I come from a tall family so that is why a tall donor is required.
That leaves me with 14% of the donors to choose from. 16 bloody donors. 

I decided to drop my height requirements to 5'10" just for the purposes of ordering profiles.  But that didn't help much because that only opened it up to 4 extra donors leaving me with 20 to consider.

And since I'm now left wondering WTF about my own donor's abilities to create a successful pregnancy I'm only going to choose a donor who has proven pregnancies either as a donor or with his own children.  Of the 20 profiles, 17 have children of their own, successful pregnancies as a donor or both.  I'm back down to 14%.

I requested all 20 profiles just to make sure I didn't cut anyone out that might be a better fit overall but I don't want to choose another unproven donor.  And from those 20 I have to weed out medical and other things I'm not interested in.  I refuse to introduce things like Alzhe.imer's or uterine, breast or ovarian cancer since there is zero history of that in my family.  And I don't want a donor whose family includes diabetes or other related endocrine disorders thanks to my PCOS.  I don't want to give my child more than the already existing 50% chance of inheriting PCOS.

Just looking at these numbers I get annoyed.  Then add to that a short but annoying phone call I had with my mom today I'm just ... annoyed.  She asked me if I'd have news by this upcoming weekend.  At 7dpo?  Really?  Oh, she's heard about those '6 days earlier tests'.  Yes, I have a bunch of them upstairs and I refuse to use them.  6+7=13 not 14 anyway, and my LP is almost always 14 days.  Besides the '6 days earlier' refers to 6 days before your expected period.  So that pushes it out to 15 dpo.  Count back from that and the earliest I should start testing is 9dpo.  I told my mom that the average implantation happens at 7dpo and that it takes at least 2 days for the hormone to show up in your body at a detectable level.  So no, I won't know anything this weekend.  Sorry to spoil Easter for you. 

Sheesh!  You'd think that as a woman with 4 pregnancies and being a lab technologist she'd have the slightest clue.

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