Monday, April 18, 2011

Where For Art Thou O?

Yep, my O seems to be missing.  No, not that one.  Or the magazine by the same name.  I'm talking about this month's ovulation.  It seems to be nowhere in sight.  I'm very worried.

According to my blood work I had an LH surge on Friday meaning ovulation soon.  The clinic always does the IUI the day after an LH surge which works out roughly to 24 hours later.  On Saturday, I had my IUI.  Not long after that I noticed that my CM dried up.  That's usually a very reliable clue to me of ovulation.  My pelvic pain also went away.  I had sharp pelvic pain Friday night but it was gone on Saturday.  I got excited because I thought this meant that at least I O'd this month.  I was still worried about timing, though, thinking that my egg might not have made it past 12 hours.

Yesterday I took my temp at the regular time.  It went up 0.1 degrees F and thought that was odd but wasn't worried.  This morning?  My temp actually dropped 0.2 degrees F!  OMG!  I took my temp orally first and it was up 0.8 degrees F but my oral temps are all over the place, hence the switch to vaginal temping.  I redid my vaginal temp ... twice ... and it was 0.1 degrees F down from yesterday's then 0.2 degrees F down. 

I called the nurses and left them a message telling them that I might not have ovulated based on my temps and I'm worried.  I want a progesterone test to confirm ovulation.  Okay, I don't know if I ticked them off or something but I got a message back (of course, they call while I'm in a meeting) and the nurse just doesn't seem to understand what I was saying.  She said I had a surge and it was too early to test.  (Flashback: the last time I requested confirmation of O because of spotting issues the nurse, same one I think, was a bit snotty in saying there was no way I couldn't ovulate with an LH surge.  Honest to god ... they really don't know my file ... I have PCOS and an LH surge means O is NOT guaranteed like in 'normal' women.) 

I thought I was clear.  I said I had a surge on Friday, IUI on Saturday and I haven't yet seen a temp rise 2dpIUI.  This has never happened before.  And I was supposed to start progesterone today which I refused to do because it will give me a false temp rise tomorrow.  I want a blood test to make sure I ovulated especially since I have a follow up with my Dr. on Monday.  If I didn't ovulate my Dr. needs to know this so she can add whatever drugs I need to make my first Clo.mid cycle a success which for me at this point simply means ovulation.  I'm very ticked off at the nurse.  What is so hard to understand about "I don't think I ovulated, I want a progesterone test"?

And today I've been experiencing increased pelvic pain on the right side again.  I swear I need to take an ovulation test at home to see if I'm still pre-O. Why is this so difficult?

On the positive side, I might have found a new donor.  Of the 20 whose profiles I requested, I received 19.  I also wanted to know the vial and count numbers because I'm not attaching myself to a donor only to find out he has 1-2 vials left.  I think the rep is a little annoyed with me.  But hey, if your company provided better information off the bat on your website like Xy.tex does most of my issues wouldn't be issues.  So, of those 19 I excluded 7 who have no reported pregnancies.  My bank's website missed 4 of those, i.e. only 3 were listed as having no reported pregnancies.  Okay, so now I'm down to 12 possibles = 10% of the original 114.  I excluded 4 more because the donor's physical characteristics are so different from my family's any child who looked like the donor wouldn't fit in at all.  Leaving me with a whopping 8 donor profiles to look at = 7%.  Of those 7 there are 2 that stand out including one that I had looked at originally but was overshadowed by my 1st donor choice. 

I'm sending off an e-mail tonight to request #'s on my top 2 of this bunch of donors and hopefully there will be 6+ vials available for both so I can make a good choice.  And this time I won't waste even 24 hours.  If everything is in order I'll be placing an order for a new donor on Wednesday.


  1. I am SO thankful that I never could detect my LH surge with an OPK, so I had no choice but to use a trigger shot. Have you asked your RE about it for next time - if there's a next time? I'm still hopeful all was timed right despite crazy temps and you'll be getting your BFP soon!)

  2. The blood work I do is great but I'll definitely be asking about a trigger from now on. And ultrasounds to go with the blood work. No way am I going to have bad timing again!

    But on the happy side I think I've found my new donor. There were 6 washed vials available as of noon today and I've asked for all of them if they are still there tomorrow. Yay for overtime to pay for all this. But still crossing my fingers that they are there tomorrow otherwise I'll have to wait for more to come in.