Monday, April 25, 2011

The plan moving forward

I met with my RE today.  We now have a plan for future cycles.  I'll be starting 50mg of Clo.mid on CD3 and will take it until CD7.  I will go into the clinic for blood work and ultrasounds starting on CD 10.  And I will use a trigger shot, Ovi.drel to be exact, to trigger ovulation.  My clinic likes to see 2-4 good follicles per cycle but they will do an IUI with just one. 

Dr. V said that it really isn't unreasonable to do more unmedicated IUIs as it just takes time to get pregnant.  Well, lucky me I didn't fall into the get pregnant in x months like everyone else in my buddy group did.  Oh yes, and the one woman from that buddy group who just did IVF this month apparently has her BFP.  *sigh* Sure, it can take up to 12-18 months to get pregnant but why am I the outlier?  That makes no sense.

Anyway, my Dr. has no problem in moving to Clo.mid.  The chance of pregnancy for me at 37 and already ovulating when adding Clo.mid and a trigger shot is 25% per cycle.  Same for using injectibles.  My chance of multiples with Clo.mid is 10%.  With my good ovarian reserve and age my chances with IVF right now would be 40-45%.  Those are great numbers but I'm not willing to push my body that far, yet.  Talk to me next year if I'm still in this place.

This post makes it seem like I'm unhappy, but I'm not.  I'm feeling more optimistic now that I have this plan in place and because it ups my odds, even if it is only 5 percentage points per cycle.  I'm eager to get on with cycle #5 even though I'm only 9dpIUI today.  Oh, and I want to shoot myself in the belly.  Now THAT will be exciting.  ;-)


  1. It's amazing how just having a plan and some hope can brighten your outlook and make things look so much better.

    Good Luck! But I'm still hoping you have success this cycle!

  2. Best of luck this cycle so you won't need to use your plan for the next :)