Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Didn't You Understand?

I really don't know what is wrong with the reps at my sperm bank.  What is so hard to understand about 'please hit reply all so that I get your reply at work tomorrow'???  Honestly, can this woman not figure out what this means? 

Yesterday, they had 6 washed vials of backup donor #2 available.  The other backup I was looking has no vials currently available but more will be arriving next week.  I've had crappy luck with donors leaving the program, donors selling out within 24 hours, etc. that I thought I'd better jump on this one.  I told the rep last night by email that I wanted those 6 vials but I didn't need them until June and wanted to know about my storage options. 

I kept checking my junk mail folder at work today.  Nothing from her.  But I had a couple messages about the upcoming law society bencher elections in there.  When I got home I checked my email.  Sure enough, she replied before 10 am and requested that I fill out the order form (which isn't even a form!) and she'd hold them until the end of the day!  OMG!  What didn't she understand about my request to copy me at work?  My message was only 2 sentences long so she couldn't have gotten lost in my prose. 

I wrote back saying politely that if she had copied me at work like I had requested I could have ordered everything this morning.  If those vials are no longer available I might just complain.  If their services weren't so desperately needed this company would go out of business ... quickly. 

Don't even get me started on their crappy unsearchable website.

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