Saturday, April 16, 2011

I've Been Spermed v. 4.0

IUI #4 is done.  It went really quickly.  I had the same nurse as last time.  She remembered to use the longer speculum without a reminder.  But she did have to dash out of the room for tissues after she sucked up the sperm into the catheter.  I got to hold the goods while she ran out.  Hard to believe there are millions of tiny little sperm swimming around in such a small amount of liquid and THAT could get a woman pregnant. The sperm # was up a little bit and the motility was up to 50% from 40% the past 3 times.  So, that was good.

The actual IUI was quick and easy.  My cervix was very cooperative but was tipped down a little this time.  The catheter went in easily and I felt it a little bit once it was in.  But nurse H said that there was no immediate spotting (I did spot quite a bit later, though) and reassured me that even if there was that it wouldn't affect my chances of getting pregnant.  We had to settle the issue of the progesterone Rx again as my RE didn't put that in her orders.  No problemo!  Nurse H wrote out the prescription based on the fact that I've used Endom.etrin before and left it for the Dr. to sign.  I got to hang out on my back on the table for over 15 minutes this time while I waited for the Dr. to check in.

Dr. Happy, the one who did my SIS, was on this weekend and I was wondering what was taking so long this time. When he came in he was in full medical garb complete with mask so I'm guessing he was busy with an egg retrieval or a transfer this morning.  He was happy to sign the prescription for me and said that they think there is no harm in taking the progesterone during the 2ww.  I told him I'd had a little extra cramping this time but that by the 15 minute mark it had gone away.  He noted it in my chart but said that wouldn't affect my chances of getting pregnant so I didn't need to worry about it.  The good thing is that I'm feeling less crampy overall than the past 3 IUIs.

After I was done I did a little shopping.  I desperately needed groceries.  With the cost of sperm eating into my spending I literally had $100 to my name until pay day on Wednesday.  Okay, it wasn't that bad because I've got OT sitting in a savings account but I'm saving that money for sperm and household things like my vacuum cleaner.  I can't just spend it on groceries.  I really needed to get fruit and veggies today.  And I've pulled some chicken out of the freezer to make for lunches this week.  I also stopped at a Pad.erno warehouse sale that started earlier this week.  I needed a new frying pan.  The little one I have is old and I really wanted to replace it because it is too small and it has the old kind of non-stick surface.  The new one is much larger and the non-stick surface isn't toxic.

Once that was done, I got home and grabbed some lunch.  Then I snuggled up on the couch to watch TV while my kitty kept my lap warm during a long snooze.  I fell asleep but woke up in time to watch a replay of The Vam.pire Diar.ies.  OMG!  This week's episode was awesome!

The not so hot thing about this weekend?  This:
I used to think that too [that she, the writer, was infertile] sister took three years to get pregnant..and went through two invitros that didn’t work...and I was sure that I would have the same trouble...NOPE!! Fertile Mrytle me!!! Got pregnant with B only off the pill ONE MONTH!! And with A.....even glad I wasn’t a slut in high school...could have been really bad!! LOL
I'm part of a group of friends who spend a lot of time communicating online because we live in 3 different countries, most of whom are spread out across the US.  When I checked in this week and told them what was going on and how horrible I've been feeling about this whole process and feeling like this one just isn't going to work I got a lot of support from my friends, including 2 who went through IVF.  The quote above is the response I got from one of the women.  What on earth possessed her to think that this would be (a) appropriate to tell someone with fertility issues who just expressed how hopeless she felt, and (b) comforting to me in any way, shape or form?  I was so angry I just ignored it.  It is NOT my responsibility to educate others about their stupidity.  Really!


  1. I've mentioned this to other bloggers, but I'm convinced that when the catheter goes in easily it means the IUI was perfectly timed. Fingers crossed for good news in a few weeks!

    (And really, some people are SO insensitive. I'm glad you ignored her.)

  2. Thanks Shannon. You commented before my latest post ... I don't even know if I ovulated.

    In my group of friends there are 2 women who did IVF successfully, with 5 kids between the 2 of them from that. I can only imagine their eyes when they read that message. Some people are just stupid!