Sunday, March 27, 2011

10dpIUI, 9dpo

Nothing new to report on the IUI front except that I had a really nice temp drop below cover line yesterday morning.  Crossing my fingers this is an implantation dip.  I had a corresponding drop both orally and vaginally.  Today I had a temp rise although the vaginal temp didn't rise as much as the oral one did.
  • Cover line this month (vaginal temps) = 98
  • Temp yesterday: vaginal = 97.9, oral = 97
  • Temp today: vaginal = 98.2, oral = 97.6
My temp is definitely above cover line, as high as it was the first 2 days after ovulation so that isn't bad.  I had just hoped that it would have jumped higher today.  Maybe I'll see it tomorrow.

The other thing I've noticed is odd abdominal pains between my belly button and my pubic bone.  It doesn't feel like ovarian or O-pain and it doesn't feel like what I was sure was implantation cramping last month.  It feels a little different than the pain I had last month but is still sharp and short-lived when I do feel it. And it just doesn't feel deep enough to be uterine, either. Very weird.  Could be anything but I'm sure it isn't muscle strain.  I haven't done anything to strain my stomach muscles!  LOL

My appointment with the specialist went well on Friday.  I met a nice resident Dr. D. who didn't treat me like an idiot.  Well, not all of my specialists have done that.  I had a very nice one a few years ago who was retraining in Canada and said he couldn't understand why Canadian doctors seemed so reluctant to prescribe metformin for PCOS patients when it was fairly standard where he was from.  Dr. D. was the one who suggested that they prescribe me 2000 mg of metformin from now on instead of 1500 mg.  I told her that since going off Cyclen to ttc that I had been feeling hungry a lot faster, nothing intolerable but definitely annoying when you are used to not feeling hungry.  I thought for sure that my specialist was going to say no way.  Boy, was I surprised when she agreed!  My 2 hour insulin levels aren't sky high like they used to be but they think this will help with insulin control and might give my body the extra help it needs ttc-wise as well.  They told me to take 1000 mg at breakfast and 1000 mg at supper but I know that isn't going to work for me.  I need to take it with meals.  So, I'm splitting the extra 500 mg pill and will take half at breakfast and half at supper.

The clinic has gone electronic so I didn't get a paper copy of my test results.  Boo!  But Dr. D. said that everything looks really good, unlike many patients she sees.  My BP was 118/70.  The 118 is a little high for me but not bad.  Dr. D. said my good cholesterol is higher than normal so she isn't worried about my slightly higher than normal bad cholesterol levels.  She said they aim to have their patient's bad cholesterol under 2 and mine is 1.98.  My weight is up 13 pounds from 1 year ago but I'm sure that 3 pounds of that can be attributed to the progesterone bloat, air travel and lack of sleep last week pre-appointment, and some salty sunflower seeds I ate the 2 days before my appointment.  The other 10 I can definitely work on getting rid of once this blasted Arctic air and bitter north wind leaves.

They're not concerned about my test results at all.  I'm essentially my specialist's poster child for living with PCOS.  Haha!  They do want to run a few tests on the hormones that aren't being monitored every month while ttcing:  DHEA, SHBG, testosterone and TSH.  But in the confusion over the end of the appointment and the fact they started discussing another patient while Dr. D. was writing my prescription they forgot to give me a requisition form for blood work.  I couldn't find anyone after the appointment on Friday as they were either all with patients or leaving as it was towards the end of the day.

I told them I had an early loss last month and Dr. J., my specialist, told me that is probably a good thing because it indicates I can get pregnant.  I told her I'm trying to think of it that way and that we just need to find the right month.  Of course, she used this as a teaching moment and she asked me all kinds of questions about what happened and explained the likely scenario to Dr. D.  Ugh!  But good news is that Dr. J. thinks Dr. V., my RE, is great.  She did a tour through her clinic and also did fellowships so I feel confident that she knows what she is doing and isn't just the new doctor in the clinic all the seemingly uncomplicated patients get sent to first.

On the iron front, I started supplements Saturday morning.  Temp at 5:50, go to the bathroom, head downstairs to take the supplement with a little orange juice then head back upstairs to finish the glass before jumping back to bed.  I'm not sure if it is coincidental but I feel better today.  And no stomach trouble yet.  Crossing my fingers things will continue to go this way tomorrow when I have to eat about an hour after taking the iron.  And hopefully this is just related to the m/c at the beginning of March and things will go back to normal soon and I can get off these things.

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