Wednesday, March 2, 2011

17 dpo - Still In Test Limbo

I followed up my FRER test on Monday morning with one Monday evening because I just didn't believe it.  I got another double pink line.  Both double pink lines are still there, i.e. they are not evaps or some weird false positive.  I followed up Tuesday morning with another one and there is a faint double pink line.  These 3 FRERs come from 2 different batches.

I took a digital today, because I'm insane, and I got a lovely BFN!  I couldn't believe it.  I'm shocked.  I'm still getting cramping.  I would have assumed that if I were NOT pregnant that my corpus luteum would have shrunk by now and that it would only be the progesterone keeping AF away.  My temps have also leveled out, amazingly actually given my post-O temps looked like the Rocky Mountains even on progesterone supplements.  They're still high for me, but more importantly, they became extremely stable at 14 dpo.  My hormones are also off, i.e. I am getting hungry way too early.  I don't mean 'pregnancy hunger', I'm talking about the effect of pregnancy on my PCOS and insulin levels.  Something is very weird, something that I've never experienced before without it actually occurring during AF.

Either that digital is wrong (maybe not as sensitive) or I was pregant and I am no longer.  I don't know ...

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  1. I think the digi's are less sensitive - let's hope that's the case anyway. FX