Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CD12 and the Estrogen Keeps on Going

My E2 levels are now at 1003!  The highest they got last cycle were 888.  My LH is sitting at 14.69.  Last month I went from an LH of 17.68 to 76.89 in 24 hours.  I'm hoping that I get a nice jump by tomorrow morning for an IUI on Thursday.

I'm very excited but I have to say that there one downside to high E2 levels and going this alone:  the estrogen induced friskiness.  OMG!  I never noticed this when I was on the pill, obviously.  But wow!  And what is with the nipple 'itchiness'?  And how is it that men just look more tasty too?  Okay, not all of them, I still have discriminating taste but I think you get the point.  Oh this is frustrating.  Just like being the kid in the candy shop who isn't allowed to touch anything.  I can just look.  And stay frustrated. ;-(

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