Monday, March 14, 2011

CD 11 and the Estrogen Pulls Ahead

I got a nice jump in my estrogen level today.  It is now at 782, way higher than the 467 I was at last CD11.  My LH is now at 8.44 compared to my 8.1 on CD11 last month.  I'm expecting to see a big jump in LH levels tomorrow but I'm now thinking that since things seemed to slow down a bit over the weekend that I'll be doing an IUI on CD14. 

My IUI on CD13 was a bust, the one on CD15 resulted in a chemical so why not an IUI on CD14?

My CM is getting heavier and definitely more fertile.  I always know when it has started because it causes me to get itchy.  Yep, itchy.  I run to the washroom at work just to get rid of it so I can sit in my chair and concentrate, it is that bad.  If my estrogen level jumps again tomorrow (last month it only got to 888 before I surged) I'm going to start getting major EWCM. 

Just please, let that follicle contain an egg and let it be a really, really good one this time!

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