Friday, March 18, 2011

IUI #3 Done and in the Record Books

Sorry I didn't post last night.  I was exhausted after getting up at 5:30 am a number of days in a row.  Then add a super stressful couple of hours after I got to work because someone else screwed up and it made my life a nightmare for a while.  OMG!  I didn't need that.  But I did post on my charting site and here is what I wrote, edited to add a little more info here:

The sh*t hit the fan at work after I got in but the good news is that I got out of my hearing tomorrow (today). There was a screw up on the location of our end of the video conference and I told my supervisor I couldn't handle the stress right now so they are getting someone else to do it. I know that hour of super stress doesn't affect this whatsoever but I can't help but think it does.

I got to meet my favourite nurse, Nurse H, finally! She doesn't look how I imagined her. lol Because it was a regular business day the clinic was busy and we started in a little room and went over all the paperwork before going into the exam room. I'm used to an early weekend appointment where I get whisked into the treatment room right away and we quickly double check that the vial is the right one and the paperwork corresponds.  This time Nurse H went through everything including my allergies and I got to see the sheet they write down all my blood work results on. 

Everything went well. I took extra strength Ty.lenol an hour before. The speculum hurt a little but my cervix popped right out into her line of sight really easily. Lots of clear CM again this month which is good.  Nurse H even commented on it. But I had some spotting this time. Nothing horrible but it must have been from a slightly irritated cervix on the outside.  Nurse H said that the catheter didn't cause any bleeding but that it came from the cervix itself. I felt the catheter go in this time but my bladder was full so it wasn't because I'd just gone to the bathroom. I can update you and tell you that I didn't spot much at all.  I was a bit crampy for the rest of the day but it was tolerable.  Totally different experience from IUI #1, thankfully.  Because I was already spotting before getting off the table I opted to use the pad they clinic provided.  And it reminded me of why I hate using them.  I don't care how thin and absorbent they've gotten over the years, they still irritate my skin and cause chaffing.

Nurse H checked on my endometrin Rx because my Dr. forgot to check something off on the form. So she had to ask Dr. C, the head of the clinic and the on call doc yesterday. He didn't want to give it to me because I'm not on a medicated cycle!  But he agreed to sign off because I'd been on it last month and because my Dr. agreed to it. My nurse said he was sometimes a little funny (not the haha funny kind, obviously) and reminded me that he doesn't know anything about my history. I told the nurse that I have a history of spotting way too early in the luteal phase, as early as 6 days before AF is due and that is why she ordered it.

I also get the strong feeling that the nurses don't know my full file either since the nurse told me hopefully this will be the last they see of me for a couple years. I know I look like I'm barely in my 30s but really?  ROFL!  I doubt my body is going to cooperate enough to give me a baby before I'm 38 and coming back for a 2nd would put me at 40 at least.  Not that I don't want a 2nd one but I doubt my body will get with the plan.  She also said something about being young and healthy. ROFL again! I'm 37, I have PCOS and I'm hypothyroid. What is young and healthy about that? OMG! Even more reason to get the endometrin Rx. I also don't think she would have made the comments about assuming I'm fertile as compared to other people coming to the clinic after they realize they have a problem.  Hello?  I've known about this since I was 15 and I have the psychological damage that comes with knowing you have a fertility problem for over 20 years!  But I didn't tell her that.  If I see her again and she mentions it, I'll tell her it isn't exactly that simple for me.  I wish!

My ovaries still felt full yesterday but I wasn't getting any of the follicle growth pain. I was a little worried yesterday morning thinking something was wrong but I think it was because they'd slowed in growth and whatever is in there was getting ready to pop. I've realized I rarely feel actual ovarian pain. Instead I feel follicle growth for 5-7 days. Very strange sensation when you realize what that is. 

To add to this, today I woke up without a temp shift and had horrible lower right abdominal pain from the moment I woke up until about an hour after I got to work.  When I got to work and went to the bathroom ('cause I have a nice cup of tea before hopping on the bus to work) I had lovely stringy EWCM!  Imagine the horror on my face.  NO!!!  That was just wrong!  I had my IUI yesterday and my body didn't get the memo.  I've spent the entire day thinking this was totally mistimed.  Now, to my body's credit my CM has changed rapidly through the day.  Yesterday I was getting oodles of clear, fertile CM all day.  Today, after that one episode of stringy EWCM it changed such that by the time I left work there was none.  So maybe I ovulated overnight or early this morning.  Maybe that pain I felt earlier today was actually the follicle popping.  I'm just crossing my fingers hoping that the sperm lived long enough that they could jump on the egg as soon as it popped out.  I really don't want this to be a BFN just because this IUI wasn't well timed.  I could handle any number of other reasons but not mistiming.  That would be a stupid, stupid FAIL.


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you & sending you positive thoughts & prayers.

  2. I just had to let you know that my verification word for my last comment was "wishy"...a good sign I think ;)

  3. Thanks Tiara! I hope that's a good sign too.