Thursday, March 24, 2011


Nothing new to report today except more crampiness and breast pain.  My temp jumped up again today to 98.5 and I'm pleased with that.  I kept the window closed last night so maybe that helped.  I went to bed earlier last night but still struggled to get out of bed today and felt more tired this morning than yesterday.  Lack of adrenaline today, I guess.

I did get a call from my nurse practitioner about my blood work.  How cool that she calls me and I don't have to go in to enable a doctor to charge for my visit?  Okay, at my new clinic the doctors are on salary so they don't get paid per visit but my old GP in the city was a per visit doc.  Annoyed me to no end that she required me to come in far too often for prescription refills.  Anyway, test results are normal except for my iron!  My result was 21 and they want to see a minimum of 30.  So, now I get to hunt for iron supplements tomorrow.  She told me to take them on an empty stomach, not with food, but I should take them with a glass of orange juice because the vitamin C helps with iron absorption.  I never drink juice but this will allow me to rack up some Air Mi.les since they seem to offer bonus miles fairly frequently on orange juice.  Ha!  Always looking for the positive in some crazy new medical diagnosis.  I didn't think this would be a problem for me.  Sure, I've cut back on my red meat consumption and eat a heck of a lot more chicken and turkey but I didn't think my levels would be too low.  I was worried about my vitamin D!

My TSH is within normal levels (1.69) and my free T4 is 13.4 which she also said was normal.  I am a little concerned about the TSH, though, as there has been a steady upward trend since September.  I've gone from 0.66 in September, to 0.93 in December to 1.69 at the beginning of March.  Combine that with my fatigue (possibly iron related too), increasing joint pain, and my constant feeling of cold in the past few months I think that I'm going to need to increase my Synt.hroid dosage soon.  I told my NP that it is highly unusual for my levels to change like that when she said that levels fluctuate depending on the time of the day blood is drawn.  She said to come in for further blood work about 2 weeks before my prescription runs out.  I'm going to push for a bump in my meds because I feel far better when my TSH is below 1.0.

I am taking the day off tomorrow.  I have my annual appointment with my specialist (PCOS) in the afternoon.  I had planned on going to work in the morning but I discovered a plumbing issue this morning and the builder is going to come by to see what the problem is.  I'm still within the 1 year warranty period so they have to deal with it.  I switched showers on the weekend after finally getting the grout in the ensuite sealed.  I used it 3 times with no problem.  In fact, it had better water pressure than the shower in the main bath.  This morning I turned on the shower and hardly any water came out!  I had to switch everything back to the main bath quickly so I could get ready in a normal amount of time.  Totally did that!  Checked the walls and ceiling on the main floor and basement for water leaks before going to work.  None discovered.  But since this is a plumbing issue and I have no idea where the problem is I want this dealt with ASAP.  Still no water flow when I got home from work.  :-(  But the builder rep will be over in the am and we'll take it from there.  So, I'm at home tomorrow morning too.  I've got to tidy up a little bit, mostly vacuuming lest the builder rep think that I live in a kitty hair infested house.

And I'm not even going to discuss my wasted afternoon at work thanks to ridiculous counsel who just doesn't get it.  Either that or she's playing stupid on purpose.  I have better things to do with my afternoon than running around trying to get research on a point that is self-obvious to everyone but her.  Ugh!  Off to bed soon.


  1. Interesting to hear that your temp jumped. Sounds good. When I get cold I go visit the acupuncturist, and that warms me up again - but if you are low on iron I am sure that will make a difference too. Best of luck!

  2. Glad you changed doctors, it sounds like it was a really good move.

    We had our IUI's on the same day and I was wondering when your doctor has you coming in for your pregnancy test.

    I hope your day off is relaxing!

  3. Not looking forward to iron supplements. Blech. I'll check what is available this afternoon after my appointment. I've gotten a few tips including looking for slow release ones. Hopefully this will help with the fatigue.

    I'm going in for my beta on April 4th. Normally I'd be in before that but those dpIUI fall on a weekend and they don't like having people come in for blood work unless they absolutely have to. At 17dpIUI I'll either know I'm pregnant from HPTs or I'll have stopped the progesterone. I don't want to drag this cycle out.