Friday, March 11, 2011

CD8 and the Ovaries are Aliiiiive!

I've been experiencing ovarian pain for a few days now.  I thought the pain on the right might have been the shrinking corpus luteum from the chemical last month.  Then my left one started to make its presence known.  It is usually the silent partner.  A woman in one of my buddy groups said that she actually O'd early the cycle after her early m/c so that got me thinking, "could I O early this month?"

I've had way too much pain for this to be normal.  I thought about asking the clinic for an ultrasound next week after I start LH bloodwork on CD10, Sunday.  I thought it might be better to see what was going on in there first before calling with a crazy request on CD8.  So I peed on an OPK.  This is what I got.

Sorry it's so blurry.  The digital is crap for taking pics of pee sticks.
I'm stunned because I've NEVER had a line that dark on CD8.  This is so bizarre!  I've sometimes gotten a really faint line on CD10 or 11 but never anything like that this early.  I'm not taking any chances so I left a message with the clinic tonight to see if I can start the LH monitoring tomorrow bumping it up by a day.  If I don't have a +OPK tomorrow I'm thinking it will be Sunday and that would be too late.  If it takes a couple extra days I don't care.  I'd rather try my best to catch this egg than miss it completely.  We'll see if the nurses think I'm nuts tomorrow.

The donor issue isn't resolved yet.  My back up donor's in stock vials sold out but his new ones are stick in a regulatory snafu which the company expects to be resolved in 6-8 weeks.  Yeesh!  The rep told me that I should think about a back up to my back up.  What is wrong with this picture?  I'm on the waiting list for my back up donor as of now.  *sigh*  So, I might be able to get my back up donor and I might not.  I've asked to be e-mailed asap when the moratorium is lifted so I can get vials of this donor.

And to assist me with that I'm changing my line of credit from unsecured (totally unused because it has a 14.7% interest rate!) to secured (prime + 1% = ~4% right now).  I earn ridiculous overtime at work just by doing one business trip a month.  But I don't have a ton of cash sitting in savings at the moment to pay for sperm.  I blew what I had on 5 vials of my 1st donor.  Now I have confidence that I can put this purchase on my MC (hello Ai.r Mi.les), roll it over into my line of credit at a very favourable interest rate and pay it off with my crazy overtime payments.  I just didn't tell the bank it was for sperm.  Instead I told my rep that it was for home reno stuff, which is actually partially correct since I do need to get my central vac, eavestroughs, fencing, etc. completed this year and next.  It wasn't totally untrue ... I just left out the sperm part. ;-)

I'd prefer it if I didn't need to consider a back up donor at all but I'm not feeling it this month, certainly not like last cycle.  Time will tell.

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