Sunday, March 20, 2011

3dpIUI, Nightmares, and Twiddling My Thumbs

Not much going on here, just sitting here waiting to get through the 2ww.  I do have to run to the grocery store quickly to get something to make for left over lunches this week.  I'm off to the airport today for a couple nights away and need to have something ready to go when I get back to the office Wednesday.

I had the most awful dreams last night!  Absolutely awful!  This is so bizarre for me.  Since I started the metformin years ago I very rarely ever remember dreaming.  I must because it is a function of human sleep patterns, I just don't remember them.  So why did I have to wake up with these or remember them instead of getting something good?  I remember two of them specifically (1) someone coming into my house and attacking me ... not so good when you're alone sleeping at night, and (2) airport/flight problems and some complicating issue that I can't remember ... not so good when you're heading to the airport later in the day.  That first one scared me and I had a hard time getting back to sleep.  I know I've got an alarm system, but still that was awful.  And the second one isn't so scary, just a rehashing of my experiences traveling a lot.  Crossing my fingers that things don't get thrown off today as I'm already arriving at my destination really late, after midnight my time and I have to be up early to drive to my meeting destination.

But the bonus with this trip is that I get to stay at chez parents so I can sleep in a familiar bed and raid the fridge when I want.  And I get to see my niece at some point over the next 2 days.

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  1. Have a good trip...hopefully it'll be a good distraction from your 2ww.