Saturday, March 12, 2011

CD9 Blood Work

Got the results back.  I'm almost where I was at CD 11 last time.  Very strange. 
  • E2 = 393
  • LH = 6
  • P4 = 0
I'm happy that the progesterone is at 0.  That means I have no left over cysts or corpus luteum from my disastrous m/c cycle. 

While at the clinic this morning I ran into a former co-worker.  She and her partner, same-sex, were there for morning blood work too.  Weird place to run into them.  She asked how things were with my experience at the clinic.  I answered 'okay' because I didn't want to mention anything about the m/c at a fertility clinic.  There were way too many people around this morning.  The lab worker was alone and had a big rush all at once so there was an unusual number of people in the waiting room.  I didn't want to say anything out loud that would freak out any of the other patients.  We did, however, promise to stalk each other on the book of faces. ;-)

I also told a friend of mine by e-mail what happened with my last cycle.  I'm part of a book club and while many of the women are moms there isn't usually someone pregnant at any given time.  Some of the members are child free by choice, some are parents to older children, and a few are parents to younger kids and could possibly have more.  One of my other friends who is a part of this group had a baby in January, one of those no one told me about.  :-(  I e-mailed my friend telling her that I may or may not come to her place if I am in town (my only night out of town is scheduled for the night of April book club and right in my projected fertile period) because of the m/c.  I didn't want to make a show, feel awkward there or make anyone else, especially the 2 new moms, feel weird because of my issues.

My friend and I had a conversation about kids about 3 years ago while shopping for shoes of all things.  She was wavering as her partner really wasn't interested in kids.  He was satisfied being an uncle.  She, at 37, wasn't sure.  I told her I had no doubts, that I wanted to be a mom even if it meant doing it alone.  She was amazed that I just knew. 

She was surprised that I had gone ahead already.  We are going to meet for lunch soon so I can spill the beans.  When I've told people what I'm doing they are very curious as to what donor IUI involves.  It isn't like I'm being abducted by aliens and implanted with hyrbrid alien-human embryos.  lol 

So at last count the following people 'know': my parents, my sister, my supervisor, a friend at work who I blabbed to during a breakdown last Friday, my friend from book club (and law school) and a former co-worker who is at the clinic for the same reason.  And all of the lovely readers in blog land.  ;-)

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