Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Forgot About Today's Bizarreness

I can't believe I forgot to post about this.  This morning while waiting to be called in for blood work a woman walks in to the clinic, hands over her health card and then sits down.  Then there is a knock at the door. (The clinic door is locked on weekends and we have to knock to get buzzed in.)  The woman goes over to open the door and I hear the unmistakable voice of a little child.  I was thinking WTH? 

The child and man at the door proceed to walk right into the clinic, the little guy chattering away as they take off their coats and boots.  Then they proceed to sit down right across from me.  They then proceed to talk about not bringing any paper along for their 2-year old to draw/scribble with and go on the hunt for some on one of the tables in the waiting area.  They then proceed to talk about toys they should consider buying for him.  I have no idea what his name is because all they called him was 'dude' over and over.  Really?

Who the hell brings their 2-year old to a fertility clinic?  I mean, really, what is wrong with this picture?

If they got lucky with #1 then I get that they might be completely clueless about being considerate of others.  But if they had medical help with #1 then I feel it is almost purposeful inconsiderateness. There are 2 parents in this situation.  If she were in for blood work only, could he not have stayed home with the boy?  It isn't like she was going to get the results within a minute and needed them there for support when she got her results.  We always get called at the number we leave in the morning.  If she was there for an ultrasound, why would they want him in the room with them?  Could they not have found a family member, friend, neighbour to watch him?  And if she were there for a procedure like IUI why was a 2-year old there?  It isn't like he should be in the room with them and they can't just leave a kid that age wandering around the lobby/waiting room. 

All I can say is this was a major FAIL by these parents.

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