Saturday, March 19, 2011

2dpIUI and Finally a Temp Rise!

Yes, finally got my temp rise this morning.  I was really worried something was wrong so I armed myself with 2, yes 2, thermometers.  They are the same model but my 1st one reads lower than the 2nd so I dumped it in favour of thermometer #2.  I cleaned up both and pulled out the old one for an oral temp today.  That one came in at a whopping 97.8 this am, which is WAY higher than any cover line I've ever had.  Good stuff!  I temped vaginally with the 2nd one, as I have been doing this cycle, and got a 1/2 degree temp jump, up from 97.7 to 98.2.  I've only had this big a temp jump once since I started charting and it was in my craaaazy December cycle which I choose to ignore. 

With the temp rise this morning I was confident in starting my progesterone supplements.  I got the lovely effervescent Endometrin horse pills with applicator again.  I got the Rx phoned in to my pharmacy instead of getting them at the clinic because my insurance plan covers most of the cost right up front.  I hate paying and submitting receipts.  I think I bumped my cervix with the applicator this morning, though, because there was a bit of pink spotting on the applicator when I pulled it out.  It must be irritated from the IUI, still.

I did errands this morning.  The line of credit is now in place.  I'll never use all of it, ever!  But it is ready for a big sperm purchase should that be necessary.  We initially requested the credit for home renovations.  But today we checked off the box saying it was just to have extra credit handy when necessary.  I had a momentary desire to write "to purchase donor sperm" in the space for 'other' but I thought the bankers in TO might think I was nuts.

I popped over to the old health food store which was 1/2 a block from my old condo when I lived downtown.  For some reason my new neighbourhood doesn't have one and we've got 100,000 people living here and in 5-7 years it will be 200,000.  Serious gap in the market.  But I digress.  I finally got to see the expanded store.  It took over the other side of the building it is in and the space that used to be a bar.  Picked up my favourite organic oatmeal there.  I've tried other stuff since moving and it just doesn't work as well for my insulin control as this stuff, even the slow cooking organic stuff.  I bought 4 bags of it. ;-) And I picked up some local honey.  I've been reading how locally produced honey can help you if you're having allergy issues.  Hopefully this will work because my allergies have been driving me nuts lately.

Then I stopped off at a great French bakery on the way back to the car.  I was thinking of picking up one thing but walked out with a dozen really good, fresh hot cross buns instead.  Really tasty.  I think I might run down there on a work day and pick up some more for the freezer.  I then popped in to the mall, which I haven't been to in about a year.  I stopped in at the G.ap to use a 20% off survey coupon.  Everything in the store was 30% off today.  Great deal, if you could actually find something tolerable and that fit.  I was expecting to find things like khakis and walking shorts like they've had in past seasons.  Nope.  Honestly, their stuff just keeps getting crappier and crappier every year.  Even the kids side was horrible.  I was trying to find something to use the coupon on and there was nothing!  I have a new niece and a new nephew to buy something for and I couldn't even find a decent sleeper or body stocking for them.  Ridiculous.  I ended up picking up a couple okay casual shirts that were already on sale and got the extra 30% off.  They'll be good for running errands during our super humid summers. 

I notice that the G.ap now doesn't just have shirts with massive arm holes but they make them even bigger and put a piece of fabric in there to try and cover that up with really bad results.  Why can't they just make something that fits?  I know I've got super skinny arms and a huge chest but really, should you be able to see half my bra under my arms?  What happened to the use of the dart in women's clothing?  That point was brought home when I went to Ban.ana Rep.ublic.  I have a bunch of work stuff from there.  Their pants are very reliable for me and I've purchase one or two pairs a year that now carry me through the cooler months.  But even those were horrible today. I know for a fact that I haven't gained 20 pounds in the past few months otherwise nothing I own would fit.  Why is the size 14 at BR, which always fits, so tiny now?  They were squishing my non-existent butt and I could barely get them closed!  Not to mention any of the shirts or dresses.  They are cut for a cardboard figure.  Really!  Like many women, I have a chest.  Maybe mine is larger than others but what is with fashion focused on cardboard cutouts?  I put this stuff on and I can barely get it over my chest and when I do it squishes it so hard it flattens it and that's saying a lot since I'm a 36H.  Not to mention the weird arm hole thing, oddly placed straps, super tiny hip areas (and I have super tiny hips for my height and size), and crappy fabric.  I picked up 3 knit things because, at least with that, it fits over my chest, I don't have to worry about gaping arm holes, or things not fitting my tiny hips.  I got two thinner long sleeved v-neck sweaters and a cardigan in fresh spring colours all 30% off.  I'm so upset.  I love BR stuff and would LOVE to have more of it in my closet, specifically new tops for work.  But every time I go back the stuff just gets worse and worse.

The only purchase I was happy about today, other than the delicious hot cross buns, was my new runners.  When I lived downtown I walked everywhere.  It was great because exercise was part of my day.  Since moving out to the burbs I've definitely cut back and I need to get back into it.  I got a new pair of Ree.boks with some weird new technology that is supposed to help shape your calves and butt.  They may help my calves which are great but I doubt they'll help my non-existent northern German butt.  They'll take a bit of getting used to since they feel very different from a regular runner with flat soles.  And of course the pair that fits my narrow thin feet best is a new style that wasn't on sale.  Oh well, they'll be good for my feet and I have no 'shoe' excuse to use not to go walking.  Now, to wait just one more week for the snow to finish melting and the weather to improve just a little more and I can get out there.


  1. I'm 4dpIUI and also taking Endometrin this cycle to support my Luteal Phase (My cycles were usually only 23 - 25 days and after my last IUI I only made it to 10dpIUI).

    Lets hope this cycle is lucky for both of us!

  2. I know what you mean about Gap and BR - I can never find anything that fits in there anymore. Ann Taylor usually works better for me, though last year I didn't really like their styles, though the fit was still good. I hope AT isn't going the way of Gap and BR.

    The hot cross buns sound yummy! I'm glad you had a least a partially fruitful shopping day. I hope the rest of the 2ww passes quickly for you!