Wednesday, March 23, 2011

6dpIUI ... I'm Exhausted

But not from the progesterone.  Nope, from my short business trip and late flights both directions.  Got to my parents' place at 2:30 am on Sunday night and got home last night at 2 am.  Kitty is happy I am home but I'm drained.

I think I'm tolerating the progesterone better this cycle.  I'm not having the insane hunger or anger issues this time.  I am really crampy, though.  Not sure if this is the progesterone, the corpus luteum (on the right) or maybe a combo of both.  And my breasts started hurting last night.  It really doesn't feel good when the bus goes over rough patches of pavement on the way home.

My temperature dropped the past two mornings but I'm confident it has nothing to do with my progesterone levels thanks to the end.ometrin.  I think it might have to do with the fact that I left the window open overnight two nights in a row.  Monday night it was storming outside but my parents' house was so hot that I had to leave the window open a crack.  I was super comfortable in my long-sleeved cotton top and flannel pants buried under mounds of blankets.  The room was so cold that my sheets were freezing under all those blankets when I woke up.  Besides, my sleep pattern was seriously disturbed over the past 3 nights because of travel over a couple of time zones so that is probably part of it.  Hopefully my temps will pop back up again.

I'll probably be testing around April 1st this cycle.  I'm not sure whether I want to test that day or not.  Do I do it or should I avoid the April Fool's joke by doing it the day before?  My beta isn't scheduled until April 4th, 18dpo which I find a bit long.  I think I'll probably do what I did this last cycle, test up to and including 15dpo and it if it is a BFN I'll just stop the progesterone so we can start a new cycle. 

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  1. Wow...a beta at 18dpo sounds tortuous. I am an early tester myself and cannot ever make it to 9dpiui without testing. Whichever day you decide I'll be wishing you the very best!